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Like most European countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina includes playing the lottery in the top-3 gambling activities. There are many gaming options available in the country, but let’s figure out why you should buy Hrvatska Lutrija online to win money.

Playing the lottery online in Bosnia and Herzegovina has always been popular. Regardless of the type and origin of the lottery, locals are allowed to gamble either at online lotto sites in Bosnia or at international platforms. Through the years, there were 3 most popular lotto games in the country: Slovenian and Croatian lotteries with the Lutrija BIH at the top. However, the lottery from the neighboring country has been growing in popularity during the last few years. Why do locals play the Croatian lotto games so much? Let’s see.

Reasons to buy Hrvatska Lutrija online 

There are at least three reasons to buy Hrvatska Lutrija online. It stands out from other popular lotto games in BIH for its payouts, variety of games, and accessibility.

Buy Lotto Online in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Buy Hrvatska Lurtija Online
You can buy all kinds of online lotto tickets at the best online lottery sites.


The first one is obviously the payout. Potential winners of the lottery can currently hit the biggest jackpot of 151 million HRK (around 38 million Bosnian AM). It is more than the local national lotto games offers right away. As winning money is the main goal of every lotto player, trying luck at the Croatian lottery makes sense.

Games variety

The next reason is a variety of lotto games available at online gambling sites in BIH. There are quick games that allow gamblers to hit the jackpot literally every 5 minutes. Live games are another option available for lotto fans. Also, players can choose daily or weekly lotteries, and enjoy Euro Jackpots with the maximum payouts available for withdrawal in different currencies (including Bosnian marks). In addition, the Croatian lottery sometimes offers to play Keno and Bingo games which are also very popular among gamblers.


Easy accessibility is another trump in a sleeve of the Croatian lottery. Lotto players can purchase scratch cards either offline or online. Paper lotto cards can be found in stores, petrol stations, or in the official lotto shops. However, it is easier to get online scratch cards as it is not a problem to play them from other countries. Let’s see where games are available for lottery fans from Bosnia.

Where to buy Hrvatska Lutrija online

There are many sites gamblers from Europe & other countries can sign up for to play lotto games. To make it easier to look for lotto sites, we have ranked the best of them. Here are top-3 gaming platforms with the highest user rate, best lotto games, and the most attractive bonuses.

Buy online lottery tickets, Hrvatska Lutrija online
Make sure to pick the winning numbers, those pay better.


The very first lottery site to play the best games is theLotter. One of the best-ranked sites (4.2/5) in Bosnia and Herzegovina offers many profitable lotto games including Euro Jackpots and Keno. Besides European countries, theLotter is available to visit almost in every corner of the world with very few exceptions. 

A large variety of payment and payout methods are available for theLotter users. Apart from credit cards, it accepts e-payment methods, which can be also used for transferring the jackpot to it. In addition, theLotter requires no withdrawal fee and accepts almost ten currencies to make your stay more convenient.

Buy Hrvatska Lutrija at 1xBet Lottery

1xBet Lottery belongs to one of the biggest gambling companies in the world, which is also famous for its casino and sportsbook. With a high user rate of 4.2, this lottery site is the most recommended option for gamblers from European countries. It has the most deposit/withdrawal methods that will fit every gambler wherever he/she is playing from. In addition, 1xBet Lottery supports live games and live chat, which is a pleasant bonus.

Sign up for a new account at 1xBET Lottery through GamingZion

More than 400 games are available at, which automatically makes this lotto site worth attention. Apart from the lottery, gamblers can find Keno, slots, scratch cards, and many other games here. Like other highly-rated sites, can boast of easy accessibility from most countries, a variety of withdrawal/deposit methods, and the most innovative games. Live games are also available.

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