Top-5 Biggest Lottery Prizes Ever


Posted: July 3, 2020

Updated: July 3, 2020

  • Here are the 5 largest lottery jackpots of all time
  • The smallest one is “only” $680 million. What is on top?
  • Find lotteries that delivered the biggest prizes ever at Lotto Agent
Image source: Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Many popular lotteries offer big jackpots nowadays. No one is surprised by thousands and even millions of dollars that can be won in 2020. However, the biggest lottery prizes ever can still blow your mind. Let’s see what jackpots have the most zeros at the end of winning sums in history.

Winning the lottery is a surefire way to become wealthy in a blink of an eye. Probably, everyone has dreamt about ways of spending the winning jackpot at least once. It is easy to imagine what to buy for the low jackpot sums like $10.000, but can you think about winning half of a billion dollars? Or more? Believe it or not, many people managed to hit unbelievable jackpots – most of them in the 2010s. Here are the 5 biggest lottery prizes ever won. 

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Biggest lottery prizes ever: $687 million is just 5th

The $687-million prize is the “smallest” of the biggest lottery jackpots. Two winning tickets shared this sum. One has been purchased in Iowa, the other one – in New York. Such an unbelievable prize found its lucky owners after Powerball had raffled one of its draws in 2018. Two lucky winners guessed all numbers and got more than $687 million. Although the jackpot had significantly reduced after taxation, it was still a mind-blowing prize for common Americans. Unfortunately, both decided to stay anonymous.

The world’s 4th biggest jackpot was equal to $758 million

A $758 million jackpot is 4th on the biggest lottery prizes ever list. Mavis L. Wanczyk from Massachusetts, US, has recently won such a huge sum. The lady guessed winning numbers in the Powerball lottery in 2017 and became one of the biggest lottery winners in history.

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The 3rd biggest lotto prize – $768 million

The next biggest lottery jackpot is only $10 million dollars bigger than its predecessor. It is also the most recent prize on this list. In March 2019, an anonymous lucky man purchased the winning ticket in New Berlin, US. The Powerball scratchcard worth of $768 million became the 3rd most valuable prize in the lottery of all time.  Congratulations to the winner!

biggest lottery prizes ever
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A $1.5 billion draw is among the biggest lottery prizes ever

One of the biggest jackpots in the Mega Millions lottery found its owner in South Carolina, US. A ticket worth an unbelievable $1.537 billion was raffled in 2018 and made one lucky man the biggest lottery winner for a single ticket. Although its jackpot isn’t the biggest one ever, it holds the record for the largest cash value for one ticket. We believe the one who guessed its numbers was not disappointed at all.

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What is the largest lottery jackpot of all times?

The world record of the largest jackpot in the lottery belongs to the other Powerball draw. In January 2016, the lottery raffled a $1.586 billion ticket and found not one but three lucky winners. 3 couples from different US states – Florida, California, and Tennessee – managed to guess the numbers and shared the total sum. Although they did not get $1.5 billion each, the fact that such a jackpot could be won at once was impressive. 

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