The Early Premier League 2021 Winner Odds on Top 4 Favorites

  • Despite all the setbacks Manchester City are the favorites
  • Liverpool are surprisingly the second-best
  • Chelsea might have the best frontline in 2021
Premier League 2021 winner odds
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The 2021 EPL season will be a fresh start for 20 clubs. It will be anyone’s title to take, or will it? Frankly not at all. The top two Liverpool and Manchester City still lead the pack at Premier League 2021 winner odds.

It is too early for sure to talk about the Premier League 2021 winner odds, as the champions Liverpool just won the 2020 season. But, it will not do harm to throw some predictions at online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom, and see how it goes.

Many EPL enthusiasts and analysts can hardly think of any other club than Liverpool and Manchester City to compete for the title next season. It is completely reasonable as they have been leading the race in the last two years. However, there are another two teams who might deservedly enter the title race in 2021. They are Chelsea and Leicester City. So, here is the case of each of the top four contenders looking to win the 2021 EPL.

Liverpool surprisingly the second-best favorites

The Reds have finally celebrated their first Premier League title since 1990. For the next season, most of the essential figures in the team will remain under the leadership of Jurgen Klopp. Despite that, most of the bookies do not expect them to get back-to-back trophies. Instead, they are the second-best favorites at Premier League 2021 winner odds with a value of 11/8, according to Bet365 Sportsbook.

It is somehow surprising, but many think maintaining such a top-level play by a team for three consecutive years does not often happen. Besides, it is often said retaining the title is even more difficult than winning it the first time. However, anything can happen in world football. After all, Liverpool is still evolving and the downturn did not start yet.

Manchester City look for a comeback

Pep Guardiola’s men have had an underwhelming 2020 campaign. They were unable to close on a huge gap with Liverpool. The main reason as online sportsbook news sites in the United Kingdom report is the unresolved issue of Manchester City’s defense. Besides, the club has several big names who are at the senior stage in football.

Premier League 2021 winner odds
The flag of Manchester United

Despite the setbacks, Manchester City cannot certainly be ruled out of the title race next season. They are still arguably one of the best teams in Europe. And, they have won two out of the last three Premier League titles. Manchester City might receive a ban from the Champions League next season, and that will help Pep to concentrate on the EPL title. If their defense is solved in the summer, they have a chance to reclaim the title with 1/1 odds.

Chelsea might have the best frontline in 2021

Nobody denies that Chelsea are leading the Premier League this summer in terms of some smart business transfers. That makes them rightfully the third-favorites with 18/1 odds. As for now, they are on the course for a top-four finish. They have an impressive young head coach Frank Lampard, leading a fully packed squad with youngsters hungry to conquer England.

Everybody is eager to see what their new frontline Werner, Ziyech, and Abraham will do next season. But, they still need to reinforce their backline and midfield before the summer window closes. Some analysts say it might take Chelsea a couple of years to become title contenders. However, if the squad is ready they might go for it as soon as the next season.

Leicester will be among the top four

The team are on the course for one of the most successful seasons in the club’s history, despite being out of the title race. They have a great team of youngsters, which is very promising for the next season if they can keep up with consistency. Their head coach Brendan Rodgers has been very impressive, and he has Vardy the top goalscorer. Thus, if you wish to add some excitement you can bet on Leicester to win the Premier League with 66/1 odds. However, it is more realistic to predict they will be among the top four but not in the title race.

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If you are a Man United, Arsenal, or Tottenham supporter, you can check the review about Bet365 Sportsbook. But, you have to keep in mind that their time is probably not yet for the title race.

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