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Posted: June 25, 2020

Updated: June 29, 2020

  • EuroMillions Superdraw is scheduled for July 3
  • The estimated jackpot is huge and can still grow
  • Join the draw at theLotter to win millions of euro

The next EuroMillions Superdraw is coming soon, so do not miss the chance to win at least £115 million. Remember that the final jackpot can be even bigger! Here you have all information about the upcoming draw: how to take part in and where to find it.

Winning a EuroMillions Superdraw is the best thing that can ever happen to lotto fans. One of the most worldwide-popular lotteries raffles its highest jackpots 2-3 times per year and the next one is just around the corner. Do not miss your chance to participate and win the biggest money in your life. On our part, we have the most detailed guide on where, when, and how to play the Superdraw. 

When is the next EuroMillions Superdraw

First of all, knowing the date of the next Superdraw is essential. According to online lotto sites in the UK, lotto fans expect EuroMillions to raffle the next Superdraw on July 3, 2020. The day of the results announcement is coming very soon and, since nobody knows the schedule for the next draws, this one shouldn’t be skipped. The summer Superdraw will be the second this year – the previous one took place on February 7. Will there be the third Superdraw in 2020 or not, it is a question of time.

What is the jackpot?

The other popular question touches upon the next EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot in 2020. How much can you win if you participate in the July draw? To find an answer, let’s turn to the official description. 

Next EuroMillions Superdraw
Let’s draft!

According to EuroMillions’ official information, the estimated jackpot will be at least £115 million. It is €130 million or around $145 million by today’s exchange rate. The jackpot is called estimated as it can grow due to the currency rate at the day of the draw. Generally, all EuroMillions jackpots are set in Euro and then converted into pounds for the UK players. So, participants will learn the final winning sum on July 3, but it won’t definitely drop lower than €130 million.

Where to join Euromillions Superdraw

theLotter is the best lotto site to take part in one of the biggest draws of the year. This is the highest-rated online platform in the UK with a 4.2 rate and easy accessibility from every corner of the world. It has 50+ lottery tickets, scratchcards, and other games, including the most popular picks like EuroMillions.

theLotter is good to join thanks primarily to its low deposit limit and quick withdrawal time. It also has no withdrawal fee, which is a great option for lotto winners. You can play the next EuroMillions Superdraw here to enjoy all the benefits of theLotter

History of previous Superdraw jackpots

EuroMillions introduced the Superdraw option more than 10 years ago and it quickly gained popularity among lotto fans. Here is a brief history of some past jackpots and their owners.

  • February 2020. The first draw of this year brought an anonymous Spanish player the entire €130 million jackpot at once.
  • October 2019. In this case, the EuroMillions super jackpot exceeded all expectations and grew until €190 million!
  • In 2018, no one managed to guess the right numbers, in spite of the  €130 million jackpot that was available both in April and September.
  • June 2017 was an extremely lucky month for the UK citizen who won €100 million in EuroMillions Superdraw.
  • The winner from Portugal took the whole €100 million jackpot in 2015. 
  • The very first Superdraw by EuroMillion was won in 2007 by a Belgian guy. The jackpot of  €100 million started one of the most popular lotto games so far. So, will you be the next winner?

To stay tuned to the latest updates in the lottery and EuroMillions Superdraw in particular, follow online gambling sites in the UK.

You can discover more about theLotter here.

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