How to Play Irish Lottery at Bookies and Other Popular Sites

  • Why is the Irish lottery so special?
  • All pluses of the Irish lottery are here
  • Learn where to play it on beneficial terms
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Playing the Irish lottery can be more beneficial than gamblers usually think. This kind of lotto game has a set of advantages that help it to stand out from others. Here is an ultimate guide on how to play Irish lottery at bookies, casinos, and lotto sites.

The Irish lottery is one of the most popular lotto games on the European continent. It differs from most lotteries by several factors, which also play for gamblers. Learn why it is more beneficial than most other lotteries and where to play it.

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How to play Irish lottery at bookies: a general overview

The principles of playing the Irish lottery are similar to any other lotto game at online gambling sites in the UK. You have to choose 6 numbers, which will be later drawn in a random way by a randomizer (a ball machine). It works pretty much like most lotteries, so why is it so special?

How to play the Irish Lottery at Online Bookies and Betting sites, where to buy Irish Lotto tickets
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The main difference between the Irish lottery and its counterparts is the absence of a shared pool. Here you receive a payout for each number you guess. In other words, you have fixed odds to bet on 1-5 numbers, where even one correct pick brings some money. The more you guess, the higher the payout is. There is nothing to say about 6 correct numbers, which means you are a millionaire. Also, there is an additional 7th ball you can try to guess to increase your winning chances.

The overall number of possible picks is another reason to learn how to play Irish lottery at bookies. Here you have to pick 1-6 numbers out of 47, which is less in comparison to most other lottery games. Now, let’s learn more about the odds & draws frequency.

How Irish Lottery works: Draws

Before you learn how to play Irish lottery at bookies, here are some guidelines about its draws. Usually, the Irish lottery announces its results on Wednesday and Saturday. There are 3 draws on each day held in the evening. Each draw requires a separate betting, so be careful while placing your bet. You can follow the results on the Internet and TV if you play the game offline or follow news by online lottery in the UK if you play at one of its lotto sites.

How to play Irish Lottery at bookies, where to play the Irish Lottery
3, 8, 12. However, if you wish to pick other numbers, feel free. But you won’t win if you won’t play.

Irish Lottery Odds Explained

Another reason to try the Irish lottery game is that it offers a quite wide range of odds on various outcomes. Here are two major types of them:

  • Straight bets (including single, double, patent, and “luckies”)
  • Multiple bets 

The type and number of the Irish lottery odds varies from one gambling site to another. So, let’s see where to play the lottery on beneficial terms.

How to play Irish lottery at bookies, casinos & lotto sites

Playing the Irish lottery is available across the globe without limitations. Apart from the UK and Ireland Residents, gamblers from each country can try their luck in hitting the jackpot. Here are 3 best sites with the best offers for the Irish lottery.

Buy Irish Lottery tickets online at theLotter

As one of the highest-rated lotto sites in Europe, theLotter has a wide selection of lotteries, including the Irish one. This popular lotto site offers from 4 to 25-lines tickets for a single entry and systematic forms to increase their number to 460+ (and multiply the winning chances too). Moreover, theLotter offers multi-draw functions as well as discounts on every 10th ticket for its users. Learn more about online gambling bonuses in the UK to benefit from playing lotto even more.

Where to play the Irish Lottery online, how to purchase Irish Lottery tickets on the internet
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How to play the Irish lottery at bet365 Sportsbook

You have come here to learn how to play Irish lottery at bookies, so here is the answer. Bet365 is the most popular betting site in Europe, so it expands its sections step by step. In particular, this site offers to bet on the Irish lottery with a wide variety of betting options. Here you can wager on number combinations or pick straight bets, guess the bonus ball number, or the 1st to be drawn. There are 4 additional ways to win money from the Irish lottery, so check Bet365 Sportsbook to find them.

Join Lotto Agent to purchase Irish Lottery tickets online

Playing the Irish lottery at Lotto Agent has its own benefits. This popular lotto site offers 2-20-lines cards to purchase with the growing discount on every ticket with more lines. Lotto Agent is also a tax-free platform, which is an additional plus. Finally, there is a detailed description of how to play the Irish lottery and how to win from it, which can be very useful for new players.

Sign up for a new account at theLotter and buy your tickets today!

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