How To Gamble On Tiddlywinks Effectively In The 21st Century

Posted: June 12, 2020

Updated: June 12, 2020

People often view Tiddlywinks as nothing more than a childish game. However, nothing could be further from the truth. There is a widespread community of enthusiasts and is a highly skillful sport. The rules are complex and intricate, strategies and tactics apply, and one definitely needs skill to play. So, perhaps it’s time to learn how to gamble on Tiddlywinks. It is, after all, only a matter of time before online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 start offering odds.

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1. It’s Not A Kid’s Game

A faux pas go, this is a biggie. Learning how to gamble on Tiddlywinks effectively is going to be challenging enough. Ostracization will not lessen the complexity or difficulty you’ll face. The serious Tiddlywinking community is exceedingly touchy about this, so keep that opinion to yourself. It won’t take long to notice that any simplicity is entirely superficial. This is a sport of quite some depth and nuance, saying otherwise will not make you any friends amongst its fans.

2. Find A Glossary

Like many sports, Cricket being the worst offender, this one has it’s own particular collection of terms and vernacular. So, players will frequently use terms like Boondock and Blitz, Squop, and Sub. Newcomers may find it hard to keep up with play should they not be aware of all these important words. So, do find a glossary before trying to discover how to gamble on Tiddlywinks at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365. It’ll save you a lot of embarrassment, and possibly some money.

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3. Know Your History

Initially popular in the 1890s it was in the 1950s in the UK that the game really took off. Moving from mere childish amusement into an era of proper rules and equipment. This was mostly because of the Universities. Some 37 Universities played competitively throughout the sixties. This means those learning how to gamble on Tiddlywinks need to be on their toes. Most of the aficionados are clever people and discussions of rulings can go on as long as some of the games do.

4. Proper Handling Of Bristols

The skill of the players often shocks newcomers, and by some of the unorthodox methods of play. The most notable of these is a Bristol shot. This is one where the player holds the Squidger (the counter used to flip the others) vertically instead horizontally as is more traditional. This allows for the more accurate manipulation of, sometimes multiple, winks. Spotting those players who are good at it will be key in learning how to gamble on Tiddlywinks successfully. 

5. Penhaligon Vs Carnovsky

This is relatively straightforward but in the hot-house pressure of the moment at a match can often cause confusion. The ability to pot a wink from the baseline, some three feet away, is naturally sought after by all players. In the United States, they call these impressive feet a Carnovsky. However, amongst those taking advantage of UK gambling laws to learn how to gamble on Tiddlywinks, they’ll be far more likely to call it a Penhaligon. So, don’t misterm it.

3657 roo loves tiddlywinks | Stephanie Chapman | Flickr
Tiddlywinks is for all generations – Image source: Flickr

6. Getting Your Squidger To Gromp

Players hold their Squidgers in a variety of manners to produce various shots. Whilst in the child’s game often players only use one wink at a time, in serious games, they use many. Players will be attempting to manipulate their winks atop the opposing winks. This makes them unplayable by their opponent. The strategy then is somewhat similar to the pool, and sometimes you’ll see a Gromp. This is where an entire pile of winks is flipped onto the top of a wink in striking position.

7. Rankers, Ratings, And Championships

There are singles and pairs championship matches at the higher levels towards most serious players’ aim. However further down the ladder, there’s plenty of tournaments for newcomers. If you typically bet on sports in the UK at Bet365 and the like, it’ll be these headline events that will attract you. Still, there is something to be said for those learning how to gamble on Tiddlywinks attending some of the lower grade matches for purposes of edification and illustration.

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We take a look at how to gamble on Tiddlywinks, the child’s game that became a serious sport.

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