Websites Removed From Bulgarian Gambling Blacklist

Hopes for Online Casinos in Bulgaria as Blacklist Relaxed

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In some very welcome Bulgarian gambling news, operators Bet7Days, Party Poker and Tobet have been removed from the government’s website blacklist. It is hoped that this is just the beginning of the end for the controversial list after a number of issues surrounding the implementation of licensing regulations.

In 2012, new Bulgarian gambling laws specified that companies wishing to operate within the country would have to apply and receive a license from the gambling regulator. However, no procedure was enacted to enable these companies to apply, leading to the blacklist.

This blacklist includes most of the world of online and mobile casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms biggest players, such as William Hill and Party Poker, as well as 26 other operators. With changes at the top of the regulatory board, it is expected that many of these companies will exit the list in the coming weeks. For the moment, only Bet7Days, Party Poker and Tobet have done so.

The relaxing of the blacklist comes after Ivan Enicherov was replaced as head of the authority by Ognemir Mitev. The new commissioner seems more inclined to act in the interests of the law rather than to its letter.

Meanwhile, the Bulgarian government looks likely to admit its mistakes and implement new casino licensing regulations within the coming months, paving the way for foreign online casinos to finally apply for the licenses they need.

This news comes on the back of similar problems in other European Union countries. Recent developments in Greece do not look good for the freedom of online gambling, but perhaps these developments in Bulgaria could lead to a change in tact from the European Commission.

With such confusing and contradictory laws, it is no wonder internet casinos are having such a hard time cornering markets within the EU.

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