Wedge Buster to Hit Big in Social Gaming

Wedge Buster builds a giant social gaming platform with focus on sports games.

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Wedge Buster announced its launch in the American gambling news. The new platform, claiming to be a specialist in social sports gaming offers over 100 asynchronous sports game titles.

Following the first round of venture funds resulting an astonishing $2.2 million, Wedge Buster builds a distribution network with media companies, a method not unlike the ones used by the Hollywood Studios. Among Wedge Buster investors Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees and MTV Skater pro Rob Dyrdek are listed along with 37 other entities.

Wedge Buster promises to apply the gaming mechanics that define social gaming, such as leveling, achievements and multiple virtual currencies to sports and fantasy games at the platform level.

Scott Philp, the company’s founder and CEO, commented on his company: “We are building a robust social gaming platform with a specific focus on sports games.”

Philp added: “We’ve had an early alpha out in Facebook for a few months, and that’s been very successful. We’ve registered about a quarter million people, and our big push in mobile kicks off in late October.”

Philp went on saying: “It is nearly impossible to scale a one-off game; and we are attacking the market by launching a robust gaming platform that aggregates the top sports, fantasy sports, and social sports games all within one app.”

The game products so far are not subject to the American gambling laws, as they online use virtual in-game currencies.

Philp described a game: “In Battle Darts, you might go in and throw a dart, and I’ll send that off to you. You get a challenge on your phone, and you essentially throw a real dart and see what I did. The asynchronous part records and shows you, in real time, how you’re playing against me.”

“We’ve included all these fun hooks into the platform. For example, if I’m having a bad game, I can send you a beer, which makes your screen go blurry and throws suds everywhere. To clear that up, you can buy some aspirin,” he added.

So far, Wedge Buster is not one of the companies that offer internet betting in United States, but some rumors suggest virtual currencies might be substituted by real-money bets in the future.

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