Join Weekly Blackjack Tournament and Win up to $778!

  • Strategies you use in Blackjack games might not work for Blackjack tournaments
  • Gain as many chips as you can to win
Weekly Blackjack Tournament

A weekly Blackjack tournament is available for you every week! 

In the last few years, there has been a great increase in the number of Blackjack tournaments that you can join now. There are actually many benefits of playing Blackjack tournaments for which many gamblers love and join them! First and foremost – in tournaments, you play not against the dealer. You play against the other players. Therefore, the more skills and practice you have, the higher your chances to win others are. So, at the end of the game, you need to have more chips than the other players do. And this makes the experience even more thrilling! There are actually many different tournaments that you can choose from.

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How to Play the Blackjack Tournaments?

First what you need to do is to pick one of the tournaments that grabbed your attention. That can be the Weekly Blackjack tournament that we will be focusing on. Once you selected one, sign up and deposit your bankroll. Then check the entry fees, pay them, and you can start the tournament. Remember that you need your initial bet to match your competitor’s bet. After you have your 2-card hand, it’s your time to decide on the move to make to win. And then when the round is finished, you can just wait for the results to see if you won or not. Then you can work on the Blackjack mistakes you did to avoid making them next time.

Weekly Blackjack Tournament
Ready to try your luck?

Blackjack Tournament Strategy

Since Blackjack tournaments are a bit different from Blackjack games, the strategies that you will have to use should also be a bit different. Similarly, in Weekly Blackjack tournament your strategy will also have to be differnet. As we said, your main goal is to gain as many chips as possible. Therefore, it’s can sometimes be better to use the tricks in Blackjack tournaments that you would not usually use when playing Blackjack games. One of the main ideas when it comes to tournaments is that the winning and losing results might be somehow similar.

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300% up to $3,000

Claim Bovada's amazing 300% first deposit bonus up to $3,000. 18+. New customers only. You can cash out your winnings in BTC and USD. T&Cs apply.

Try to keep the track of the chips that the other players have. Try to understand what is the best time for placing the maximum and minimum bets. You should also know when you need to match the bet of opponents. Understand how important the betting position is. And remember that sometimes you have to use a strategy different from what you are used to using at the Blackjack table. The old strategies might not work.

Weekly Blackjack Tournaments – What Can You Get From It?

The weekly Blackjack Tournament is held every Wednesday at 7 pm. You need to pay the entry fee of $20 to join the game. Re-entry is $10 though.

The prize pool in the tournament is $1,995.00. It includes 100% first round and re-buy round money added $75 for every table in the first round. The prizes depend on the participation. Here is the list of the prizes you can win:

  • 1st place – $778
  • 2nd place – $379
  • 3rd place – $279
  • 4th place – $180
  • 5th place – $140
  • 6th place – $120
  • 7th place – $80.

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