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The Razzies are now just part-and-parcel of the Oscars circus. Held the same weekend, they’re a fun part of the build up to the big event. In a town often said to be full of itself, they stick their tongue in their cheek and savage the industry. They also have a habit of savaging the bookies too. The bookies like Bovada know their odds on the Razzies are only aspirational at best and often wrong. Which means taking advantage of US gambling laws to bet on the Razzies is more fun.

The soap opera finished as the best tennis player in the world was unceremoniously sent home. Novak Djokovic had divided the tennis world, broken the rules and embarrassed himself. Not that he was alone in that particularly crime. The Australian authorities grabbed their share of silly too. However, for those who were planning to bet on the Australian Open this year, it’s quite serious. It all means that online sportsbook sites in Australia like Bet365 are no longer sure who’ll win.

The Oscars are given to the best performing actors and actresses every year. This list collected the Top 7 Oscar-Winning Celebrities. Learn more about the seven times when the golden statue was most deserved.

With heavy use of words like “tragic” the British tabloid press have happily retold the story of Mukhtar Mohidin. He was the first rollover jackpot winner in the UK. Thus they have immortalized him, and not perhaps for the most savory of reasons. Which is great. However, they dwell on what happened to Mukhtar after winning the lottery. He won one of the best lottery jackpots but then saw his life spiral away from him. Something the tabloids then use.

Despite all the other little trials and tribulations 2022 brought with it France goes to the polls in April. They will hold a first round on the 10th and, if necessary, a second round on the 24th. Those who like to bet on politics in France on a regular basis will already have their bet on the French presidential election at Bet365 planned out. For the rest of us a quick look at the odds on the French presidential election are in order, because there’s very definitely some opportunities here.

Some of you may miss F1 and its soap opera of paddock petulance, however you can still bet on motorsport. The World Rally Championship, for instance, roars into life this weekend as the field streak towards Monte Carlo. Sure, the days of Group B insanity are gone, but to make up for it a Welshman is leading the field this year. Yup, that’s right, currently, your best bet on the 2022 WRC at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 is Elfyn Evans. But can he really win it?

Those who more or less keep up with the political situation of each country in the world, probably know that there is an important election coming up in Middle-East European Country, Hungary. It will be something that we have never seen before! But why is it special? And what are the odds on the next Hungarian Prime Minister? Let us see the details on it!

January makes for hard racing. Conditions can range from the simply chilly to the utterly horrific. However if you want to bet on the National Hunt season now’s the time to start. In of itself a bet on the Clarence House Chase might seem a tad dour, but it tells such a tale. Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 will watch closely to see which of the runners looks tasty. They know many will turn up in bigger races, and two of them haven’t lost a race in literally years.

Snooker is now well beyond its heyday. Where once we would deride endless hours of coverage on television, now it’s barely noticeable. The latest generation of stars haven’t reached the heights of public awareness their forebears did. Well. All save one. Ronnie O’Sullivan. He’s still out there potting away, and is a good bet on the 2022 Masters too. However, he faces some stiff competition, as the odds on the Masters at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 indicate.

We collected the best special Neymar bets to make. You do not have to waste time by searching for your favorite football player. We have the hottest ongoing sports betting collected just for you to enjoy. Will Neymar receive the honor of scoring the most goals in the next two upcoming championships? Is his team going to receive a penalty because of him? Place your bets and win cash on your favorite football player.