What To Wear To A Poker Night


Posted: March 22, 2023

Updated: March 22, 2023

  • The most famous casinos and their dress codes
  • How to dress and outfits you should avoid
  • What to wear to a poker night

We’ll show you when to leave the hoodie at home and when to tie a tie when you’re going to play poker. Some want to impress, while some like it comfortably, some want to show where they came from, and many other things in between. Here is a little help with what to wear to a poker night! 

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Poker Dress Codes

The dress code can vary depending on the casino or event, sometimes, there are no dress codes, and sometimes they are not clear. It depends on the occasion. For example, if you play with friends, most likely you don’t have to wiggle into a glamorous dress or two-piece suit. These days, we are free to express ourselves more often than not, which is true for poker nights as well. The casino usually indicates if there is a dress code on the invitation or online casino sites!

It is also possible that casual wear is allowed in some areas of the casino, for example, at the slot machines, but not at the poker tables. If in doubt, it’s worth checking the casino’s website, but it’s also worth a phone call to make sure. After all, nothing is more embarrassing than when you can’t even cross the threshold of the place where they organize the poker party. Let’s have a quick dress code review, going from the funny to the elegant and everything in between.

What to Wear to a Poker Night: Casual

If you plan to play and not just have fun, the best outfit would be something comfortable, but proper. When we talk about a casual look for a poker night, it includes clothes you feel comfortable in and is suited for everyday use with a formal twist.

What to wear to a poker night
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You can wear anything that counts as casual wear, but some poker tables and rooms may prohibit wearing sandals and flip-flops, and a bare upper body is a taboo everywhere. Business casual is a difficult category to define. 

However, if you imagine what you would wear to work in an office, you’re probably close. Of course, if your office is at home as an online poker player at Everygame Poker, there are no rules. Usually, a business casual outfit for men includes dress slacks with button-down shirts. Besides nice shoes, they might add a tie to the mix. As for women, there is a wide selection of clothes to choose from. Women might wear dress pants or skirts with blouses, elegant tops, blazers, or a dress. Forget crop tops, tank tops, leggings, jeans, and sports shoes. They may complete the business casual look with jewelry and wear nice shoes.

More often than not, casinos suggest the smart casual dress code that is a layered category again. What is certain is that it’s less formal than business casual. It usually includes well-fitted clothes, though it’s not a must. If you go to a poker party that does not require formal attire, you still can’t just walk in from the street, some type of casual outfit works perfectly. Don’t forget that casual does not equal sporty and overly comfortable clothes. All in all, you can’t go wrong dressing according to one of these styles.

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Dress to Impress!

If the party’s dress code is a black tie, you should dress your best. Let’s suppose that you go to a casino or a casino-themed, fancy event. In this case, baseball caps, shorts, or any athletic wear is out of the question. If the event requires formal attire, you might want to dig deep in your closet for tuxedos and long sparkly dresses.

Luxury never goes out of fashion, so the bigger the diamond earring, the better. There are no taboos as long as it screams money. This might be the best solution, as no casino would deny you entry in nice clothes. Besides, you can turn it to your advantage. Imagine looking so fabulous that someone can’t pay attention to the game. 

What to Wear to a Poker Night, or What You Shouldn’t!

Weirdos live among us. The weirdest things that casino employees have seen prove that and poker players are no exception. Charlie Carrel used to belong to this category with his colorful and abstract clothes of all kinds, except for tailored suits.

Let’s just say he was easy to spot at the poker table. Check out his strangest outfits at online poker sites in the US! Some exhibitionist players don’t care about dress codes or anything else and wear whatever they want, let it be a ridiculous costume, hat, or glasses. This is the what-not-to-wear category for a poker night!

Famous Casinos’ Dress Codes

Bellagio is one of the most famous casinos in the world. Located in Las Vegas, the casino looks gorgeous and luxurious, so you might assume that such a legendary place would require a suit and a fancy dress. However, Bellagio doesn’t ask that of the guests. Since the casino and hotel are packed with tourists, you can see every color and piece of clothing you can imagine. If they expected their paying customers to dress a certain way, they would sabotage their steady flow of income. If you visit Bellagio, you only need your credit card and look presentable for your own sake!

Casino de Monte Carlo is the European equivalent of Las Vegas. The city is full of beautiful, luxurious, and historical buildings. The most popular of them all is named after the city. It might surprise you that there is no official dress code, but there is no way they would let you into such an elegant place in flip-flops and shorts.

In the Casino de Monte Carlo, they prefer smart attire. Sometimes poker tables require more formal outfits than other parts of the casino, so you can’t go wrong with a business casual outfit with a formal twist.

We will go back to Vegas and check out the Caesars Palace’s dress code. This Roman-style hotel and casino is one of Sin City’s most iconic places. It attracts countless tourists and gamblers each year. Although there is no dress code again, the environment requires at least a business or smart casual attire. If you watch movies they shot there or check out the website, it might give you a more specific idea of what to wear to a poker night.

You Still Don’t Know What to Wear to a Poker Night?

Since every casino sets different conditions in terms of dress code or what is acceptable to wear, it is difficult to say what kind of clothes you should choose for a poker night in a casino. If you plan to go to a poker night, you should always prepare and check out the place you want to go unless you want to risk being turned back around by the entrance. If you spontaneously decide to go into a casino that you just stumbled upon in flip-flops, it might be less awkward to be sent away than if you traveled to a place just to gamble, right? Of course, staying home and playing at Everygame Poker is the easiest option.

If you are still unsure what to wear to a poker night, you should go with a formal outfit. No casino in the world would not allow a person to wear nice clothes in a casino. When in doubt, always choose the more sophisticated clothes. It’s enough to stress about the game itself, you don’t need the additional worry of whether your outfit is good enough. Besides, looking fancy might intimidate or charm your opponents. If you take playing poker seriously and want to make a profit, you can even use your outfit to your benefit. Dress to impress or to distract the other players!

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