2023 Special Bets You Sould Not Miss Out On


Posted: March 22, 2023

Updated: March 22, 2023

  • The list of sports to place special bets on
  • What are the 2023 special bets about?

Once we step into the New Year, sportsbook sites present special bets from several sports for the whole year. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to find and bet on unique and rare betting options. We collected some 2023 special bets worth betting on!

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Cricket Betting is Quite Popular!

Did you know that cricket is the third most popular sport? Millions of people follow the tournaments each year. Since 2019, more than a hundred countries of the International Cricket Council became entitled to play NH20 matches at the international level. With a suitable cricket betting strategy, you can profit quite nicely from online betting. Cricket is one of the team games that have a fairly complex set of rules, but the wagering options are simple. In addition, the games are played in several versions: there are 1-day matches or even 5-day long matches. 

Fortunately, if you only approach the matter from the point of view of sports betting, you don’t have to deal with the rules too much. Most cricket bookmakers usually only offer Twenty20 matches/10 over, and fewer, matches as well as guessing the winners. However, at 22Bet Sportsbook, you can find the 2023 special bets that offer numerous rare cricket betting options.

For example, you can guess whether England will win the Ashes Series in 2023. Most of the wagers are about predicting the Premier League’s best batsman. If you are a newbie cricket bettor, research should be the first step, though it could never hurt, no matter how experienced you are in cricket.

2023 Special Bets in Basketball

Among the special bets, you will find a couple of basketball options as well. This team sport is one of the most popular in the world, with million-dollar contracts and star athletes.

Even those who don’t know the rules understand the basics. Basketball bettors are lucky because there are several betting markets to choose from with a wide selection. However, it’s the best time to make use of the rare opportunity and check out the 2023 special bets. 

The basketball bet on the special wager list is about Victor Wembanyama 1st overall pick in the 2023 draft. Of course, it only means something to you if you follow the NBA events and players. However, since you only have to pick a yes or no answer, after a little research, you can easily make a profit. Our complete betting guide for basketball fans might help with the details.

Rare TV Games Wagers

One of the choices is to predict whether the winner of the TV show I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here! would receive more than 60% of the votes. If you are not familiar with the show, a group of celebrities has to spend some time, depending on how long viewers keep them there with their votes, together in a camp in a jungle environment in poor conditions while the cameras record their lives there. 

The celebs have to participate in several games to win additional portions of food and various gifts. It’s entirely up to the voters, which of the stars stays on the show and wins the final. They determine the ratio of the votes as well, so if you think you know who will win by far, you can place a bat at 22Bet Sportsbook! Of course, you will find more I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here! wagers, and several other TV shows to bet on at the site.

22BET Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

100% match bonus up to €122

Claim 22BET's 100% match bonus up to €122. 18+. New customers only. Valid for 7 days. Wagering requirement is 5x in accumulator bets. Minimum deposit €1. General T&C apply.

Marathon in 2023 

You can find three marathon-themed special bets on the betting site, but all ask the same question! Whether Kenyan athletes will win both the men’s and women’s Boston, Chicago, and New York marathons. They all are famous and have old traditions. There is a good chance for that to happen as, in the past few years, several Kenyan runners stood on the podium. In the 2022 Boston marathon, Kenyan competitors won both the men’s and women’s categories, so why couldn’t the same thing happen again, perhaps more times?

Various 2023 Special Bets

Let’s take a look at the only snooker bet on the list. The wager you can make is whether they will score a century break in every World Championship match in 2023. A century break means scoring over 100 points with only one visit to the table. As for snooker, it’s over a hundred years old and one of the main categories of cue sports. It’s a type of billiard that requires intense focus and mental calculations. Ronnie O’Sullivan holds the record for scoring the most century breaks in history with over a thousand centuries. At online sportsbook sites in the UK, you can check out the average century break numbers and data about the players as well. 

Now, let’s see a gem among the bets. 22Bet Sportsbookgave us two names from the women’s FIFA World Cup series. You can predict whether Ella Ann Toone or Chloe Kelly will score during the final match and if England will win the women’s FIFA Cup.

Ella Toone is one of the top scorers at Manchester United, and her average Infogol Player Rating was 6.95 in 2022. As for Chloe Kelly, she became famous for scoring the last goal and sealing the victory at the 2022 Euro Cup finals. So keep an eye on her stats too. Here is a little help with the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup!


The 2023 special bets are colorful and easy. These opportunities are rare, so you should use them to your advantage. At 22Bet Sportsbook, you can find the whole list of bets and their odds. There are dozens of wagers you can choose from, including American football, soccer, cricket, and athletics, among several other sports.

It’s always better to know more than you might need, so use the stats and information that online sportsbook sites in the UK offer! Since most of the wagers have yes or no options, you won’t need to exhaust yourself but have a fair chance of winning.

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