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where to play pontoon card games

If you are tired of playing classic cards like poker, switch to the other games. For example, you can try pontoon, which is a British version of a well-known game twenty-one. Our guide on how and where to play pontoon card games will help you to find a way around all tricks of this popular blackjack counterpart.

You have probably never heard about pontoon, but you could easily recognize it after reading its description. Pontoon is a kind of popular casino game blackjack that is also referred to as twenty-one, with few exceptions from the rules. This card game is popular mostly in Great Britain and Commonwealth countries, however, many people play it around the world. So, if gambling activities like baccarat or poker with all its variations don’t attract you anymore, read our guide about playing pontoon.

Everything you need to know about pontoon

It makes sense to read the basic rules before learning where to play pontoon card games. Luckily, you should know most of the nuances if you have played blackjack at least once in your life. However, let’s start with the basics in case you are green in the gambling world.

where to play pontoon card games
Learn pontoon today!


Like most card games, pontoon is usually played with a deck of 52 cards, which is enough for standard number players. Read more about the order of cards and suits here as we will not focus on them now. All 52 cards of the game of pontoon have values. Ace is worth either 1 or 11, which depends on the player’s choice. King, dame, and jack are worth ten points as well as 10 itself. The value of other cards – from 9 to 2 – is equal to their number. 


The number of players may start from 2; the more participants are in, the more interesting is the game. The overall number of players shouldn’t exceed eight as cards won’t be enough for everyone. However, mixing together two or even three card decks may help, so it’s up to you how to experiment in a circle of friends. Just keep in mind that serious pontoon competitions usually don’t allow more than 8 players per table. Also, the playing circle randomly chooses one player as a banker because he or she will have an advantage.


Playing pontoon is similar to twenty-one, but a bit simpler. You have to collect a hand of 21 points – the closest number you get, the better. Here is the list of all pontoon hands ranked from the best one to the worst.

  • The strongest hand in pontoon has the same name as the game and consists of ace + king/dame/jack/ten 
  • The second-best hand is called a Five Card Trick, which consists of 5 cards giving 21 or less in sum
  • A hand of 3 or 4 cards totaling 21 is the next strong hand in the pontoon games
  • The next good hand is totaling 20 or less with two cards
  • A hand exceeding 21 points is useless and has no power in the game

The player wins the game if he/she has a better hand than the banker and/or other participants. If you have no one to play with at home, see where to play pontoon card games online.

Where to play pontoon card games?

where to play pontoon card games
This is the time to learn new stuff!

Considering pontoon as a game with a British origin, you can practice your skills at online casinos in the UK. However, most of the sites offer ponton’s counterparts blackjack or twenty-one to play. Thus, you can try both live and video versions of these card games at 888casino or look for other opportunities if you want to benefit.

The most popular pontoon games were developed by Playtech, which made plenty of casino games for online usage. Pontoon games of its development have a top-high quality, which stands the test of time, so you can try them either at reputable gambling sites for real money or play for free to practice. 

Another good option would be using mobile apps for playing pontoon. Most mobile devices support games of this kind, so visit the App Store or Play Market to install the pontoon you like the most. Although this game won’t bring you profit, you will learn how to play this popular British game.

The last but not least choice would be visiting some worldwide casino sites like Online Gambling or Casino Guru. They give you options to play pontoon online for real money and win.

You can learn more about 888Casino here.

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