Who Will Be The Next German Chancellor?

German Elections Political Betting

Can Martin Schulz become the next German chancellor, or will Merkel win the election once again?

The German Federal Elections are due in September, 2017 but online betting news in Germany are already on fire because many important questions arise and many of those will be answered by the public. One of the most important questions of those is if Martin Schulz, Angela Merkel or somebody else will end up being the next German chancellor this year. Let’s take a look at the odds to bet on German election!

Will Merkel win the election?

Merkel used to be the most popular German politician for several years. She still is, but she actually has competition now: former EP President Martin Schulz left Brussels in hopes of becoming the next German chancellor, beating his Christian Democrat rival. German election odds are not so obvious either, so we can count on a tight battle between the two favourites.

The odds for Angela Merkel to win are 1.80 (4/5) at Bwin, while those for Martin Schulz to be the next chancellor are 2.10 (11/10) at Paddy Power. Other candidates like Frauke Petry, Christian Lindner and Sigmar Gabriel are basically chanceless behind the two giants. Their respective odds are 12.00 (11/1), 26.00 (25/1) and 51.00 (50/1).

Bet on German election winner party!

If you don’t want to bet on politicians, but you would rather bet on political parties instead, you have still nothing to worry about. Join online sportsbooks like Betway or Betfair, they both offer 1.57 (4/7) odds for CDU/CSU to win the most seats in the Bundestag. The odds for Schulz’s SPD to win are 2.50 (6/4) at 32Red.

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