Why Are So Many Illegal Casinos and Sportsbooks in Singapore?

Singaporean police has been busy the past few days raiding underground jackpot slots parlors, illegal sports-books and of course unlicensed 4D lottery.

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During the past few days, Singaporean police has been stepping up efforts to root out all underground gambling dens, illegal sports-book, and the government hated illegal 4D lottery.
Under strict Singaporean gambling laws, only the government is permitted to offer lottery, to act as a sportsbook, to offer odds on horse races and offer slot machines through the two regulated resort-casinos in the city-state.

So why do some Singaporeans prefer to do business with illegal establishments rather than place bets on lotto, sports or horses at numerous government operated kiosks, online or even via the mobile? The Singapore government forces every resident to pay a hefty $100 entrance fee to gamble at either of the two casino-resorts to discourage gambling addiction.

In essence it only forces the poor to find other establishments to unwind from a hard day’s work. Their entertainment choices are already limited, since even chewing gum is illegal in Singapore.

The government controlled lotto, sports betting and horse races might seem a perfect place to unwind from a hard day’s work. Unfortunately, Big Brother is there as well to ensure that the lemmings don’t have too much fun. Family members of some naughty lemmings can add their name to the exclusion list, preventing their family member from gambling in Singapore for any reason at all.

‘Forgot our anniversary, did you? Exclusion List.’ ‘Dad, if you don’t buy me that sports car, I will put you on the Exclusion List.’ ‘Today we are watching the commercial-free Oprah marathon, it’s only 14 hours long, or it’s the Exclusion List.’

As any monopoly, Singapore offers horrible odds on sports games (football and motor racing only), horse races and lottery. Why? Because it can. That’s the beauty of a one-party political system. ‘It’s my way or the highway!’

Adults have no alternatives except to play at foreign based online casinos in Singapore, to bet on sports in Singapore at foreign based sportsbooks, or to place bets at illegal organized crime casinos.

Singaporeans should consider the first two options, since not one person has been arrested for gambling online in Singapore or betting on sports online. While the punishment for betting with an illegal casino or sportsbook physically present in Singapore is a $5000 fine along with a six month prison term.

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