Why is a Bet on Brazilian Politics an Easy Profit?

Bet on Brazilian Politics

With the beginnings of the 21st century serving as testament to a global growth in right wing agenda, a bet on Brazilian politics might as well be synonymous with a bet on Jair Bolsonaro. But who is Bolsonaro, why is half the country idolizing him, and how did he get to where he is today?

Brazilian politics is suffocating under the excrement of past corruption. Ex-President “Lula” was a sure bet for presidency in 2018, winning the popular appeal of not only Brazil, but also the world. That was until his recent imprisonment for charges of accepting bribes, money laundering and obstruction of justice. A disillusioned Brazil, betrayed by its own government, turns its eyes to the far right to resolve a country rife with catastrophe.

Who is Jair Bolsonaro?

One man has been demanding the focus of the entire country and, through his excessive use of social media, is constantly in the face of Brazilian youth. Jair Bolsonaro has not materialized from thin air as the messiah Brazil seeks. The truth in fact is the contrary. Before he delved into politics, he had toyed with a scrappy career in the army, building a reputation as aggressive with vision; a borderline fanatic. He then was first elected a federal congressman in 1989 and has continued to hold this status since, flicking between what party he represented as if he was searching for a semi- watchable show on Netflix. And as for his political beliefs? Pure bigoted hate.

Dementors are real. (image source: Agência Brasil Fotografias @Flickr);

Where is the love?

Even as extremist politicians go, it’s safe to bet on Jair Bolsonaro making the headlines with all the style of Trump and a pinch of the good old fashioned totalitarian slurs. Having served in the military under the coup, and given the regimes methods of torture against female prisoners, it brings huge gravity to the already shocking statement “I would not rape you, you don’t merit that” that he made against Maria do Rosário, fellow politician. Online Sportsbook news site in Brazil report Bolsonaro under constant scrutiny of being guilty of hate to all branches of humanity. It is unsurprising that consistently likened to dictators of the 40’s.

Why is he so popular?

Luda is out of the running, thus creating a void to be filled by betrayed voter’s franchise. It be baffling to learn that Jair Bolsonaro is dominating the opinion polls, furthermore the options to bet on Brazilian politics. It has been said, “Jair has the mind of an average Brazilian and people just love that,” a statement fundamental to his charm if lacking total truth. His USP pitch is honesty, honor and solving all of Brazil’s woes, despite offering solutions that seem the same as fighting a petrol fire with more gasoline. In addition, he engages youth with his coy use of social media, captivating the spirit of nationalism. History shows that the foundation of any extreme rightwing success is rooted with support from young. The only group left for him to win over is the elderly!

Is Jair Bolsonaro the unfortunate option when you bet on Brazilian politics?

It comes as a grave shame to learn the very real prospect of the politician in question becoming the president of Brazil. Especially harrowing when acknowledging all the progress Lula made for his country. When one thinks of the 173 laws Bolsonaro proposed in his career to date (almost none making it further than his lips) and his documented accounts of a love for dictatorship, it inspires fear for the future of the globe. Nevertheless, on a personal level, not all is lost. Online Sportsbook sites in Brazil know a bet on Brazilian politics would be a fine silver lining to this cloud of a situation. Bet on Jair Bolsonaro at (2.75) with Unibet Sportsbook to become the next prime minister of Brazil.

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