Why You Should Never Play Cards in a Gambling Den

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The image of a gambling den conjures up images of police raids and mafia dealings, yet even in countries where gambling is legal, players still risk playing cards in unlicensed facilities. So, what alternatives do you have that allow you to avoid seedy gambling dens?

In countries where gambling is illegal, it’s understandable that those looking to play a poker will head over to underground gambling dens to get their fix. However, playing in any unlicensed gambling house still carries a degree of risk.

If you put the word “gambling den” into any search engine, you’ll rattle up a list of news stories involving police raids, shootings and explosions.

So if that is not enough to convince you to never step foot inside a gambling den, then check out our alternatives for exciting card play!

The dark side of gambling dens

Even if the dictionary classifies a gambling den as being on par with a casino or even a bingo hall, in the regular use of the word, gambling den usually conjures up images of an underground, illegal hub.

In some countries, gambling is illegal and gambling dens are popping up all over the place in retaliation. The most notorious are those based in China or Indonesia, the two countries where gambling is illegal.

Police raids are not uncommon, and sometimes gambling dens make the headlines for explosions, like the blast in Guizhou, China.

But it’s not just the legal aspects that should put you off from playing in a gambling den, but the fact they’re unregulated means you’re more likely to play fixed games or be held to intimidation if you cannot pay up.

Organized crime and illegal gambling dens seem to go hand in hand, and the idea of the mafia-owned gambling den is a cliché for a reason.

Last summer, police in Melbourne, Australia linked an illegal gambling den in the Abbotsford warehouse to an organized crime syndicate. The gambling den was filled with gaming tables and chips, paraphernalia but also quantities of drugs, alcohol and cash.

We could go on with an extensive list on why you should avoid gambling dens like the plague, but what alternatives do you have?

Online Comfort

Reliable online casino providers:

Winner offers a number of casino games via its well-designed website and mobile app. With a number of bonuses, this is an attractive option for players.
View Casino has a selection of live table games, replicating that gambling house ambience from the safety of your own home.
Bovada accepts player from the US with games that can be played online or via an online platform.
ComeOn! has a number of card games, slot and roulette games, giving players a wide variety of games to choose from.

If you’re in a country where gambling has been legalized and land-based casino gaming is available, sometimes gambling dens can still be enticing.

Maybe the local casino is too far, or you feel it’s too up-market for you and so on, but have no fear, thanks to technology, why not let the casinos come to you?

Online casinos boast a number of advantages. First, they’re convenient and you can find a number of card games available for play, like blackjack or poker, on a variety of sites.

While online gaming is restricted in certain countries, most of the time you’ll find access to legal and licensed establishments offering casino games.

There are some online casinos that are unreliable and likely to run off with your money, but if you opt for a licensed casino with a good name, you can be sure to play safely, without getting ripped off and without any angry men hunting you to down for pay back.

If you’re playing in a country where it is legal to gamble online, or at least in a country that is lax in their gambling laws where online casinos are concerned, then you won’t have to worry about issues like police raids or mafia-related explosions.

And above all, a licensed gaming site will not rip you off and run off with your money. The license is there for your protection as well as for the governing body’s advantage.

Mobile Convenience

One of the big predictions in 2014 for the gambling world is the rise of mobile casinos. These offer players the chance to play cards and casino games on the go from their own smartphone or tablet.

The mobile aspect is convenient and comfortable, and a number of respectable and licensed platforms carry games for play that can be downloaded onto a mobile phone.

Where traditional casinos usually require a dress code and money to play, online and mobile games allow you to play casino games for fun, although there are those that also take money wagers.

Playing mobile games can help you to hone your skills with little risk, meaning that when you do go all in, your chances of playing your best poker hand are much higher.

Mobile casinos are on the rise, and they’re a great alternative for those traveling to countries where your only gambling options are seedy dens, and if you’re only traveling with a tablet or a smartphone, then your blackjack game is just a finger-swipe away.

Stay Safe Digitally

It’s rather obvious why playing at an illegal gambling den is unsafe and should be avoided at all costs – but how can you avoid scams and ID fraud online or with mobile casino gaming?

Make sure you pick a reputable company with good reviews. Check to see if they’re licensed. If they are, then this usually means that the online casino will not scam you, whereas an unlicensed one can.

Check the provider’s security policy. Do they use encryption with personal data? Is your information safe and confidential with them?

By picking a reliable operator with a respected license, security policy and good reviews from other players, you can find that gambling from home or on the go without supporting dodgy gambling houses has never been easier.

So never play cards at a gambling den, unless police raids, mafia rings and corrupt gaming are your thing.

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