Will Luka Jovic Become the Biggest Serbian Football Star in the Future?

Luka Jovic Serbian Footballer

Luka Jovic is on his way to become the biggest Serbian football star of our time. Is he going to live up to the expectations?

Online betting news in Serbia have extremely high hopes in the young Serbian football talent. And Luka Jovic is a very ambitious player himself which also helps him in his adventures with the Serbian media: everyone wants him to make the most out of his promising career, everyone including himself.

That’s why the kid of only 19 years of age has already left his home country. Luka Jovic started his career at Red Star Beograd, but he joined Benfica B in 2016. Later on he even debuted in the adult team and in June 2017, he went on loan to Bundesliga members Eintracht Frankfurt, where he hopes to become a regular player for the first team.

Will Luka Jovic develop enough to become the biggest Serbian football star?

His dreams are obvious: Luka Jovic wants to become the best Serbian football star who will lead his nation to qualify for the upcoming World Cup and European Championship tournaments. He’s not alone as there are other ambitious Serbian youngster, such as Dusan Vlahovic. Will they make it? 

Online sportsbooks in Serbia believe that Luka Jovic will be capable of making himself a name in Germany. Which makes sense: football academies in Germany are doing quite an impressive job lately, so players joining the Bundesilga have good chances of improving well enough. Do you think Frankfurt talents Luka Jovic will be able to reach his full potential?

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