Best Tackles in Football: That’s Why You Watch the Norwegian Eliteserien

Pau Morer Tackling Tromso
Would you like to learn more about the best tackles in football? Then you better follow the Norwegian Eliteserien…

Have you played as a defender back in the days? Were you good at stopping them wannabe Cristiano Ronaldos and Lionel Messis in the lowest league? Were you eager to watch the best central backs in the world to see their skills and learn from the best? To watch and apply the best tackles in football?

Well, then this guy, Pau Morer from Sandefjord, is definitely your next role model. Check out the video below how awesome he was at stopping Trömso’s counter attack. What a great skill of a perfect defender!
Online betting news in Norway are all amazed by discovering the next talent for the defensive line!

Bet on Norwegian Eliteserien!

As you can see, Trömso faced Sandefjord in the above mentioned match where one of the best tackles in football history has been presented. However, you shouldn’t consider placing a bet on any of these teams if you were planning on wagering the Norwegian champions: you should probably go more mainstream if you considered this option.

Join online sportsbooks in Norway and place your bets on Rosenborg or Brann instead. Their odds to win the league are 1.33 (1/3) and 9.00 (8/1) respectively at Bet365. Brann seems like underdogs based on the odds, but they are only 2 points behind, so maybe betting on Brann to win the league would not be such a bold move…

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