Will Rafa Nadal Be The Next Real Madrid President?

Rafa Nadal Real Madrid

Rafa Nadal just said he would like to become the next Real Madrid President. Is he actually going to run though?

Rafa Nadal gave an interview to online betting news in Spain about his latest ideas. The future of Rafael Nadal is still not decided. Of course he is ready to continue playing tennis, but the 30-year-old world class tennis player is already looking for other options. When asked about the possibility of becoming the next Real Madrid president, he said he would be happy to be given the chance.

Rafa Nadal, the huge fan of Real Madrid

It has always been known about the Spanish tennis player that he is a so-called Madridista, however, he never spoke openly about his intentions to officially join Los Merengues. His ambitions are not too tiny, he would immediately become number one leader of his favourite club! Of course he was only joking, and also added that Real Madrid has a fantastic Presidente right now, and that they would most probably not lack Nadal’s skills.

”You never know what you gonna get”

“You never know what you gonna to get. Everybody knows that I am enthusiastic about football and that Real Madrid is my team. Talking about this at the moment is but a utopia, but if this is your question, then my answer is: of course I’d love to be President! However, I don’t think Real Madrid needs me as of today” – said the Spaniard quoting a bit of Forrest Gump’s wisdom as well.

Bet on Nadal to win – Real Madrid Presidency, or the next Grand Slam?

While the next Real Madrid presidential elections are coming up in the near future, online sportsbooks in Spain don’t really want to let you bet on Nadal to win the elections. You better search for tennis betting odds at sportsbooks like Bet365 or BetVictor if you want to see the best odds for Nadal to win!

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