Presidential Election in Russia: Will Putin Ever Be Replaced?

Vladimir Putin Presidential Election

Presidential Election in Russia is approaching, and while there are candidates against Putin, they are unlikely to stand a chance…to survive!

Siberian winter is coming and it is sure to be a tough one. As February arrived, the White Walker has gained way too much power already and is not likely to lose any of what he already had. Will there be a Russian Jon Snow who could save humanity of this terrible monster, or will the world end the way Game of Thrones is most likely to end: with the undefeatable monster killing mankind off. Let’s take a look at the chances of the 2018 Presidential Election in Russia!

Putin is clear favourite to win…

Online sportsbooks in Russia have no doubt about who will win the presidential elections in Russia 2018. Vladimir Putin, the current leader of the country still comes as favourite because of his great leadership and because the country’s economy has been growing incredibly ever since he took over control…Either that or just the impossible situation that Putin’s political opponents are forced into.

I hope we can all agree on the first scenario being the more likely one. How could we assume that Putin would be a megalomaniac person who would do anything to keep his power? He would never do anything against his own people, he would never do anything to weaken Russian democracy and freedom of expression.

Will Putin be president forever?

Of course not. One day he will die, and maybe even before that either his people will kill him in a revolution or someone worse than him will become stronger than him and will put an end to his regime. Till any of that happens, Putin’s opponents are not a real threat. Either because they are not given enough space to build up a strong enough anti-Putin campaign, or when they can do so, they end up dead. Unfortunately the police never closes those cases when those who strongly criticize Putin, end up dying under doubtful circumstances.

The Russian Presidential Election will be held in two rounds. The first one is coming on 11 March, 2018, and the second one is exactly 3 weeks later. Online sportsbooks like Ladbrokes set the odds for Putin to remain president of Russia at 1.25 (1/4), while the “Any Other Candidate” market pays at 4.00 (3/1). Yep, everyone’s aware of the chances. Should the odds go a bit lower, we might end up hearing some said news about the death of another ambitious Russian politician. Who died under questionable circumstances and no proofs for anything.

Putin has enough power to influence US Politics…

Probably, not proven though. However, if the news talk about this lovely person as someone who is in power of changing the Election results in the most democratic country of the world, then why would we assume for one split second that he would not use something like that in his own country, which he has been ruling for way too long?

Russian hackers keep reporting news based on false information all over the European Union as well as the United States of America. Online gambling news in the US believe that such news contributed a lot to the victory of Donald Trump. And while blaming Putin on Trump’s victory would be a bald move, it sure has some solid base: why would the French and the German secret forces so eager to fight hackers if they weren’t afraid of the Russian influence as well?

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