Will Real Madrid Win The Champions League Again in 2018?

Real Madrid Champions League Winner

The Galacticos are clearly the strongest football club in the world as of today, but will Real Madrid win the Champions League again next year?

The season has just finished but that does not mean that online betting news in Spain get to take any days off from work: they are already guessing about any possible scenarios for the upcoming season, and they are already counting on the chances. Which team could end up being the best one by the end of next season?

While it is obviously way too early to predict which team will be in the best form next May and it is also obvious that so many things can change, yet we already have some ideas about the strongest teams in Europe. And we also have one outstanding team. Will Real Madrid win the Champions League again?

Will Real Madrid win the Champions League again?

Real Madrid have a terrific squad with a perfect manager controlling it, who is Zinedine Zidane. They have at least one world class player for every position and they don’t seem to want to weaken their team: Zidane is planning on bringing Kylian Mbappé and Gianluigi Donnarumma in to replace Alvaro Morata and Keylor Navas.

They are also likely to sell James Rodriguez, but it won’t matter: he hardly ever played last season either, and while Isco and more importantly Asensio keeps up the good form, the Galacticos have nothing to worry about. Online sportsbooks in Spain feel the same way as well: the odds for Real Madrid to win the Champions League in 2018 are 5.50 (9/2) at Bet-at-home Sportsbook.

But is it possible to do it again? The Royal Club just made history, being the very first team in history to defend a Champions League title. Will Real Madrid win the Champions League again in 2018? Nobody has ever done it twice in a row. Can they just come and do it three times in a row? Is that possible? Break a record and then break another, an even better one?

Who will win Champions League 2018?

The obvious question arises: who will win Champions League 2018, if not Real Madrid? Well, there are not too many new candidates. The favourites at online sportsbooks are obviously Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona. The odds for Bayern to win Champions League are 6.00 (5/1), while the Catalans are just as much of favourites as their ancient rivals.

This means that the odds for Barcelona to win the Champions League are 5.50 (9/2) at Bet-at-home Sportsbook. Other candidates, that have less chances according to Champions League betting odds, but could end up winning the trophy, are Chelsea, Juventus and Atletico Madrid.

While you might not want to bet on the latter two, whose outright Champions League winner odds are 10.00 (9/1) and 14.25 (53/4) respectively. However, Chelsea’s 13.50 (25/2) odds to win Champions League 2018 are something to consider betting on: Conte really did build up a strong team and they are ready to show what they are capable of in Europe as well.

Do you believe in the unbelievably victory of any other team in Europe? Check out the outright Champions League 2018 winning odds and place your bets on the team you find the strongest! If you have a sure team for cool odds, let us know by leaving a comment below! And if you decide to bet on Champions League winner, don’t forget to check out our Bet-at-home review beforehands!

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