Betting on Youth Football: Can Italy Beat Germany?

Germany U21 Against Italy

Another exciting football derby will be held in Poland’s Euro Under-21 Championship 2017 on Saturday evening.

And it means that betting on youth football will once again be available for us, of course only if we join any of the best online sportsbooks in Poland. The Germany v Italy U21 match will be held in the third matchday and the German side is clear favourites as they have been performing superbly so far.

They lived up to the expectations and defeated both Denmark and the Czech Republic in the first two rounds, scoring five and conceding zero goals. On the other hand, Italy also defeated Denmark by 0-2, but they lost 1-3 to the Czechs. Which means they are in desperate need to beat Germany, especially because Czech Republic are likely to beat Denmark, and the Mediterraneans want to qualify as well…

Can Italy beat Germany?

The most interesting thing would happen if Italy defeated Germany and Czech Republic won against Denmark at the same time. That would mean that the Danes would have no point at all, while the other three would be at 6 points. It’s quite an unlikely scenario (mostly because Germany had to lose for it to happen and they haven’t even conceded yet…).

However, we cannot say this is impossible. Especially when it comes to betting on youth football. Do you want to join online sportsbooks and bet on Italy to beat Germany? You can find the best odds for Italy to win at Marathonbet Sportsbook: they rated the Italian victory at 3.46 (123/50).

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