Will the Love of Gambling Land You the Philippino Jail?

Posted: February 5, 2012

Updated: October 4, 2017

While gambling in the Philippines may land gamblers in jail, the country is looking to compete with Macau.

Based on Philippine gambling laws, gambling in this country is very restricted and illegal.

This law applies to most gambling activities and these include slot machines, poker, blackjack, and roulette. Well known traditional casino games.

But, what about betting on remote island village cockfighting or dog racing? Also illegal and punishable by a jail sentence.

Betting on horse racing, car racing or boat racing may send punters into prison walls as well. Even having someone to bet on your behalf may lead to an arrest.

Yet, per Filipino gambling news, the residents of this country largely ignore the rules and play without hesitation.

According to local sources, what it takes to have a village games take place in the open, is one gambling local official, and no one will bother the punters. This may not always be the case in all locations, though.

Online gambling in the Philippines

Port Irene, in the Cagayan province, seems to be an exception to very restrictive laws. The city was given a legal permission to offer traditional gambling facilities and to operate online casinos in Philippines for national and offshore betting.

The city is looking to build a new airport and to become an online gambling hub as well as a new ”Filipino Macau.”

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