Will You Bet on FIFA eWorld Cup Winner?

FIFA eWorld Cup Odds

Amazing news have been announced earlier this week; which made excited millions of football fans all around the Globe!

Online sportsbook news sites in Germany talked about it for quite a while, but starting right now, it’s finally happening. Yes, that’s right. FIFA players will finally be able to challenge each other and we will finally realize which of us is only lying about his or her outstanding skills, and which ones of us actually have it in ourselves!

One of the most popular video games of all time is possibly the FIFA series, which is about to become even more popular. There will be an eWorld Cup held for the best FIFA 18 players in both PlayStation as well as Xbox. Soon enough we will be able to call one terrific FIFA player “the best FIFA player in the world.” But who will win FIFA eWorld Cup and where shall you bet on FIFA eWorld Cup winner? Let’s find out!

How to qualify for FIFA eWorld Cup 2018?

Currently it makes no sense joining the best sites in the online sportsbook directory just for predicting who will win FIFA eWorld Cup. We don’t even know which teams/players are going to participate in the upcoming tournament. We only know that 32 of the best FIFA players will be sorted out in the near future.


The qualification process started on 3 November. PS4 as well as Xbox One players will have to play the FIFA 18 Global Series online for the ultimate prize: to win FIFA eWorld Cup and the life-changing cash prize that comes with it. In addition, the best FIFA player in the world will also have the luxury of attending the Best FIFA Football Awards, so it’s really worth playing FIFA right now!

Who can participate in FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final?

The Qualification for the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final has already begun. The tournament will go on until July 2018. FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode players can qualify but there will be some qualifying events as well. Xbox One and PS4 users will be able to be represented in the competition. 64 of each.

The tournament itself is to be held in August, 2018. 32 of the best FIFA players will be invited to participate in the FIFA 18 Grand Final. And one of them will be crowned as the king of FIFA. Let’s hope that by then, online sportsbook sites in Germany will realize the potential in betting on FIFA.

However, you can already bet on FIFA matches! Where? Check out the latest review about Vbet Sportsbook, which is possibly the best online sportsbook when it comes to betting on video games. They have pretty good offers as well as a great variety of betting markets. Don’t hesitate to join them and play!

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