Winning Powerball Ticket Sold in NJ Worth over $429 Million

Posted: May 9, 2016

Updated: May 9, 2016

One lucky person it Trenton, New Jersey, has matched all six numbers to win the Powerball lottery. The ticket’s worth? $429 million.

The Multi State Lottery Association made US gambling news on Sunday by announcing that a winning Powerball ticket for Saturday’s drawing was sold in Trenton, New Jersey. The New Jersey ticket was the only to win all 6 numbers, giving the winner a staggering $429.6 million. The winner has yet to be publically announced. New Jersey law stipulates that the name, town, and county of lottery winners are a matter of public record.

Saturday’s winning Powerball ticket was one of the biggest in US lottery history. The grand prize had increased by more than $50 million in just a few days after no winning ticket was announced on Wednesday.

One ticket sold in San Jose, California, matched 5 of the six numbers, and is worth approximately $1.3 million. Another $25.7 million is being distributed amongst 3,011,353 additional players. The highest record for a lottery jackpot was set in January when it reached $1.6 billion.

How would you spend your winning Powerball ticket?

Major lottery winners come from all different backgrounds, and what they buy varies greatly. Many put the money from a winning Powerball ticket into investments for the future, while others blow it all on massive estates and automobiles. The Guardian compiled a list of the most common things people do when they win big.

59% of people give up work, 31% do unpaid voluntary work, and 15% start their own businesses. Property is an obvious choice for people to buy after winning the lottery, and approximately ¼ of all the money won through the lottery is used for just that. Investments, holidays, and automobiles make up the majority of the rest.

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