Women’s Football League in Australia Women Top Victorian Club Odds

  • Victorian Football league is the largest competition for Australian football
  • The VWFL has a rich and important history in the development of female football
  • Adelaide has gone down to GWS by 17 points in the trial match at Richmond Oval
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Image source: Tigerman2612 / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Obviously, the great action of women top Victorian club odds continues. We think that you should already make odds for your favorite team. As far as we know, on online gambling sites in Australia, the favorites are North Melbourne and Adelaide Crows.   Here is our analysis of whether to bet on them or not. 

Adelaide played North Melbourne 43 times and then entered the league. The Crows hold a slender three-victory lead. It won three of the last five games.  Women top Victorian club odds on 1xBet sportsbook  are the following:

Who will win? Yes/No
North Melbourne/Melbourne Wins Yes 9
Adelaide Crows/Melbourne Wins Yes 9.2
North Melbourne/Fremantle Dockers Wins Yes 13
Adelaide Crows/Fremantle Dockers Wins Yes 14

As we can see, Adelaide played eight games on Saturday. Furthermore, it had a mixed result of five wins and three losses.

women top Victorian club odds
Crows AFLW Team Image source: Michael Coghlan from Adelaide, Australia / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

In comparison:

  • North Melbourne played 4 games on Saturday night in 2018 and won three
  • The Crows have played 60 games at Marvel Stadium. The club have a 50/50 split win-loss record
  • The Kangaroos record is slightly better. It has 112 wins from 204 games

Women top Victorian club odds and the new women’s competitions

It should be noted that Victoria’s female football pathway will have a new look in 2020. Online sportsbook sites in Australia wrote that the community league competitions will replace the current Victorian Women’s Football League (VWFL) competition. Moreover, it will provide a more localized structure for clubs in the future. However, having all this information on your mind, you should check women top Victorian club odds.  After consultation with community leagues, clubs have embraced the new competition structure and making predictions easier. Also, it will manage women’s football competitions in 2020 with 10 leagues. It was always intended that when the competition had outgrown the resources needed to properly manage all divisions from head office. While online sportsbook news in Australia wrote the opposite, this is the next step in the evolution of women’s football in the state. This is an exciting time for all players and fans.

Victoria approves new women’s division for season 2020

Victorian club announced the introduction of a new women’s division commencing in season 2020. In addition, you’d probably expect the 2020 women top Victorian club odds to be better. Moreover, in our opinion, it is quite possible. It should be noted that a comprehensive review of the Women and Girls’ competition structures for football in Victoria. According to the online sportsbook directory in  Australia, the competition review was conducted by independent sports consultancy firm Sports Business Partners.

Indeed, one of the review’s key recommendations was to establish a new statewide division. The recommendation also stated that:

  • the new league be made up of the South-East and North-West divisions
  •  promotion between the new competition and State League 1 commences at the end of the first season.

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