World Cup 2018: Peru vs Denmark Betting Specials

Peru vs Denmark betting specials

On 16 June, two teams that qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup with victories in play-offs will meet in the second match of Group C. Since their chances are not even, gambling enthusiasts might want to check out the Peru vs Denmark betting specials in hope of winning more money.

While this is the first time Peru has qualified for the World Cup since 1982, it has been only 8 years since we last saw Denmark in the tournament. The European team, led by Age Hareide, is favored to win. Online betting sites in Denmark give a 2.11 multiplier for a Danish victory as opposed to 3.49 for a Peruvian upset.

Peru vs Denmark Betting Specials to Choose From

If one wants to go for more specific bets, predicting the exact number of goals is a good choice. Both teams are prone to concede goals; this is especially true of Peru, whose players failed to stop the opponents’ scoring 26 times during the qualifiers. This is the highest number among South American teams.

This suggests that we may see a relatively high number of goal celebrations on 16 June. There is a 4.05 multiplier for exactly 3 goals in the match; that is a great bet, as we can imagine both a 2-1 or a 3-0 win by the Danish team.

The Safest Bet

What if you find those options too risky and just want to go for the absolute safest bet? You can bet on the total number of goals scored by Peru; that is even safer than placing money on the outcome of the match. Under 1.5, which seems pretty likely, will give you a 1.26 multiplier. Not much, but it’s still a good way to win a few bucks.

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