Would You Bet on BitCoin Crash in 2018?

BitCoin Crash Odds 2018

Optimistic people want to invest in BitCoin now, while the more pessimistic ones are planning to bet on BitCoin crash… what’s going to happen to the cryptocurrency?

BitCoin is having an amazing story which has not been ignored by online sportsbook news sites in China. Investing in this cryptocurrency resulted in several billions of dollars of profit for quite a few people who were brave and quick enough to invest on time. However, many experts believe it’s a house of card that is about to fall rather soon…

Would you bet on BitCoin crash in 2018, or is there still way to increase its value? What should we think of this online currency at the moment when 1 BitCoin used to be equal to $1, while now 1 BTC is almost $20,000? We must consider the fact that there is no unlimited number of BitCoins available as a result of the creator’s fear of inflation…

Bet on BitCoin crash in 2018!

While there is not much more BitCoin available in the world any longer, people are becoming more and more interested in this currency. Hence, the incredible increase of value. And while some experts are overwhelmed by the presence of BitCoin and believe it is to replace money in the near future, other experts believe it’s way too unstable of a system, so it will definitely break down rather sooner than later.

You can already bet on BitCoin crash in 2018 – if you think it is to happen next year, you can take advantage of the 51.00 odds if you think BTC will lose its value below $1. However, if you expect the opposite, you can find 1.33 odds for even higher BTC value. Will 1 BTC cost $50,000 at any point in 2018? Bet on BitCoin crash in 2018, or bet on BitCoin to continue its glorious way replacing money as it is!

Bet on BitCoin to be used in football!

Bitcoin football betting is already available at certain online sportsbook sites in China, however, professional football clubs are still not using cryptocurrency. They stick to the good old Pounds and Euros. Do you see a bright future for BitCoins? Will it ever appear in football, for example?

If you believe so, you can easily bet on football clubs to spend BTC. Join 1xBET Sportsbook and take advantage of the 34.00 odds for any English Premier League club to purchase a player using BitCoin. A more likely event is a Premier League team to install a BTC ATM inside a stadium – the odds for this are 2.50.

Will it be legal to buy BitCoin in Russia?

Not so democratic states love cryptocurrency because of its inner logic. BitCoin was created in order to avoid banks from looking over all of our finances. Hence, it is not the most transparent way to transfer money. That’s why at first it was mostly used for illegal drug selling activities and all the other bad things that happen in the bottom of the deep web.

BitCoin Cryptocurrency

Is BitCoin to replace Rubels any time soon?

Russia, lead by the Supreme Leader, is a country where transparency is non-existent. And by that I don’t mean the international NGO that works in all democratic countries! If you take a look at the latest review about 1xBET SPortsbook, you will have the chance to join the site and bet on Russia to legalize Cryptocurrency until the end of 2018. The odds are 2.55

Gambling using BitCoin is already possible!

Where to bet online with BitCoin? You don’t have to be the leader of Russia to find legal ways to spend your BitCoins. Luckily it’s becoming more and more popular and as such, many sites in the online sportsbook directory have started using BitCoin as an available currency.

Check out our site if you’re interested in BitCoins gambling online. Here you can find the best online BitCoin casino sites. Will you bet on BitCoin crash, or do you think it’s the future of money? What is BitCoin’s future? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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