Yahoo Aims to Enter the US Fantasy Sport Market

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FanDuel and Draftkings might find a great competitor as Yahoo plans to enter the

fantasy sport market.

Online gambling sites in the US report that spokesperson of Yahoo have announced plans of the

company to expand their services. This means that the purpose of the multinational internet

corporation is to enter the US fantasy sports market and provide their network in that area daily.

Marc Edelman, contributor of Forbes, has said about Yahoo’s announcement that the services

provided by them can cause a real challenge for the USA’s two main fantasy sport provider

companies, FanDuel and Draftkings. Edelman believes that their search engine could balance

their lack of experience in the market.

Yahoo used to be strongly against entering the fantasy sport market

In the past, representatives of Yahoo openly declared that their company is not interested in

entering the fantasy sport market due to many legal concerns. In addition, the country was

regulated in this area and they did not see it as profitable. However, as it became more and more

popular over the year, the corporation decided to change their views on the subject.

US gambling news report that Edelman believes Yahoo’s decision to enter the market can also

convince many other larger corporations to follow their lead and join the fantasy sport. In fact,

CBS Sports Network, Yahoo’s current rival, have already challenged Yahoo in the full-season

fantasy football and are planning to enter the daily sector too.

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