Paula Creamer Roots For Growing Golf By Including A Women’s Masters at Augusta National

Paula Cramer, Golf pro, female golfer

Creamer wants to know why a Women’s Tournament can’t be held at Augusta.

Paula Creamer, a professional golf player, wants Augusta’s organizers to implement a Women’s Masters Tournament. She believes she is that someone who should speak out about this and is willing to discuss possibilities of such an event taking place. Creamer, who is from the Bay Area addressed her wishes at the Lake Merced Golf Club, where she is preparing for this week’s Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic, in which gamblers can bet on their favorite female golfer, under US gambling laws, to win the coveted title.

She also said on Twitter that she hoped that Augusta would think about hosting a Women’s Masters in the near future. Although she hasn’t had an official response from anyone official at Augusta, speculations are that Billy Payne, Augusta National Golf Club Chairman, definitely seems to have club that question in a hole. This despite the positive feedback she’s received so far.

Creamer set on taking steps to recruit the next generation of young golf players

Paula Creamer, the winner of the 2010 U.S. Women’s Open champion said that ”Fastest area of golf growth is women! I’ve been there, I’ve played there, stayed in Butler’s Cabin. I had an awesome time. I think the patrons and everybody would love to have two weeks there, two tournaments. Why wouldn’t you? Hopefully, we will see something change and happen.”

Creamer believes that in 2015 people should be working together to promote golf, including women’s golf. According to EU gambling news, when it was reported that Payne said that scheduling a women’s tournament would be difficult, Creamer swung right back with “’I think they could handle two weeks a year.”

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