PKR Poker innovates Jackpot Daily Tourneys for Valentine’s

PKR Poker invents ways for jackpot winners to be awarded 80% of the total progressive jackpot while retaining 20% for the next Jackpot payout.

Win huge cash prizes while you play Jackpot Daily at PKR Poker

As if Valentine’s isn’t exciting enough, PKR Poker thrills even more with its daily jackpot tournaments. Discover another wonderful way to win while loving what you do. Deal special hands and claim a small fortune playing poker games such as Flop the devil or Diamond Crazy. With a new chance to win coming every time the dealer shuffles, you could hit the jackpot at any moment around Valentine’s.

February Daily Jackpot

Each daily event has it’s own progressive jackpot and unique way to win it. There is the Daily $6 tournament at 20:00 GMT with progressive jackpots. All jackpots have a guarantee of $1,000 so play now. Win a cool 80% of jackpot if the move is right and get this, a 20% of each prize pool is added to recurring weekday jackpot prize pot.

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