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Casinos in Greece

As of January 2017, there are 7 casinos in Greece, all of them spread in different cities across the country. The Regency Casino Mont Parnes is the most popular casino in the country. It offers a variety of slot games as well as table games with a wide range of regular promotions. Beside the Regency Casino brand, Hotel Casino Loutraki is another other prominent gambling destination in Greece, especially popular among locals.

Online Casinos in Greece

As of January 2017, there are no online casinos in Greece even though the Gambling Act 2011 authorized online gambling. Online casino games fans from Greece are rather advised to visit some of the foreign online casino websites, which are, however, freely available from the country. The reason for the lack of online casino offer in the country many find in the politic of the national lottery provider, OPAP, who offers a wide variety of other monitor games which are, however, not the classical casino games everyone expects to play in an online casino.