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Gambling in Guadeloupe

Gambling is legal in this overseas region of France.This archipelago in the Caribbean with a population over 400,000 in fact is the integral part of the European Union with euro as official currency. Guadeloupe has two casinos and there is a sports betting tradition in the counrty including horse racing, cockfighting and oxen pulls.

Both of the casinos are operating in Grande-Terre Island, which is basically the eastern part of Guadeloupe, sitting right next to the bigger Basse-Terre Island, where Basse-Terre, the capital is to be found. Gosier and Saint-Francois are the two cities hosting the casinos on the smaller island. Slot machines are the most sought-after features, however blackjack, poker, roulette and baccarat are also available.

Gosier also has a hippodrome, as betting on horse racing is a popular gambling activity in Guadeloupe, like in most of the Caribbean and in France too. However, betting on cockfighting is even more popular amongst the locals, with cock fighting pits usually marked on tourist maps.Wagering on oxen pulls is also a common activity for local residents with oxen often trained like pro human athletes.

Online Gambling in Guadeloupe

As the cockfights and the oxen races take place usually on Sundays, and the country’stwocasinos arefar from the capital, there is a reasonable demand for internet gambling in Guadeloupe naturally. However, since French gambling laws apply, the online gaming is strictly regulated in Guadeloupe.

Online sports betting, online horse race betting and online poker (including Texas Hold’Em and Omaha Poker 4) were legalized in 2010. Although casino gambling is a popular gaming activity amongst Guadeloupeans, they can choose from a few licensed online casinos only. Locals can still access international web-based gambling operators of course.