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Lottery in Japan

The tradition of the Japanese Lottery is one of the oldest in the world, dating back to the 17th century. However this kind of lottery was still in underdeveloped state according to today’s standards. The first modern Lottery in Japan was established in October 1945 when the Japanese state owned institutions starts selling lottery tickets.

Since this was only a month after World War II, the main objective of launching a lottery was to raise funds for renovation of the country.

However the mission of the Lottery in Japan today goes beyond this objective. The main purpose of their activities is generating incomes for support of cultural institutions and charities.The most popular lottery game among the Japanese is the Japan Jumbo Draw. It is played only 4 times a year and brings the biggest lotto jackpots in Asia.


Online Lotto in Japan

Lotto lovers can buy lottery tickets in Japan, either with pre-printed numbers or ones whose number they selected. There is also a possibility to buy lottery tickets online as most of the games can be played as online lottery games. Thus the tickets for the infamous Jumbo Draw can be bought only by the internet lotto site of the Mizuho Bank and are usually in very limited editions if we take into consideration the enormous demand.

A curiosity related to the Jumbo Draw and its jackpot is that the lucky lottery winner receives the prize by the Lottery in Japan only in cash. What is an even better circumstance when lottery games in Japan are concerned is that the prizes are tax free: an extra gift for the winner by the Japanese tax policy.