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Lottery in Kazakhstan

In June 1998, the National Lottery of Kazakhstan started operating the market in this west Asian country. In the beginning they started with the promotion of several instant lottery games. It was one of the greatest pastimes for the Kazakhs to play the“Zodiac signs”, “Flora of Kazakhstan” “Fauna of Kazakhstan”,“Nature of Kazakhstan”, “Pick 5”or the “Treasures of Kazakhstan”, which were instant lottery games that enjoyed immense popularity in this period.

However the real fans of lotto were not satisfied only with this offer. They wanted more and the Kazakhstani lottery provided this service to them. So soon after the launch of the first lottery games in the country they introduced the fabulous Lotto 5/36 in November 1998 which now has two draws weekly, on Sundays and Tuesdays.

The lottery winner needs to match all 5 numbers drawn in order to receive the main prize. If the lucky winner manages to guess the order of the numbers, then they will gain the Super Jackpot of around one million tenge, which is added to the regular lottery jackpot. Other famous lottery games in Kazakhstan include Altyn Adam, MegaLot, and Bingo.


Online lotto in Kazakhstan

Online lottery in Kazakhstan is still a service in the making by the national lottery of the country.The addition of the possibility for lotto lovers to buy lottery tickets online has not yet been introduced in this western Asian country.

However the fast growing economy of the country promises that every trend in the lottery industry will and should be followed. So it will definitely not be a surprise for the lotto players in Kazakhstan if they soon get an offer for online lottery made by the National Kazakh lottery.