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Gambling in Liberia

Almost all forms of gambling in Liberia are legal. The National Lottery Authority is responsible for regulating gambling activities in the country. In the past few years, Liberia has created a number of new gambling regulations. In 2014, they made it mandatory for gambling operators to obtain a license before they could run. In 2015, they extended this law to online gambling operators as well.

There are currently two casinos operating in Liberia, both of which are located in the nation’s capital of Monrovia. The Oceano Casino is likely the more popular of the two, although the Palm Spring Casino also attracts many visitors. Both casinos offer a number of table games and slot machines.

Sports betting is also quite popular in Liberia. Like casinos, sports betting is monitored by the National Lottery Authority, and sportsbooks in the country must obtain a license before they can operate.
Liberia has a national lottery, although very little information is available on what types of games are offered.

Online Gambling in Liberia

Liberia has just recently begun to implement online gambling laws. Since 2015, it is now mandatory for internet gambling operators to obtain a license before they can legally run.

There does not appear to be any local online casino sites in Liberia. The government has a fairly relaxed attitude toward gambling however, and allows players to access international casino sites.

No online sportsbooks in Liberia exist either. This could change in the future, but for now players will need to bet on sports online through a foreign international sports betting website.