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The Best Online lotto Sites in Mali - 2024

Online Lottery in Mali

As it is the case with other gambling games, due to the general prohibition on gambling, lotteries in Mali do not have any tradition. Online lotto sites in Mali are thus not legal, as of November 2019. Although not explicitly prohibited, online lottery is considered to also falls under the general prohibition on gambling coming from the application of the Penal Code of Mali Although there is an active blockage on any online gambling content, illegal access to online lotto sites from Mali is frequently reported by many European and Asian online lotto sites. As various user statistics indicate, these companies report on having many players from the country, mainly attracted by the generous online lotto promotions they provide for their customers.
Is online lotto legal in Mali? No.
Are there trustworthy lotto sites accepting players from Mali? Yes.
Can I deposit via PaySafeCard/Skrill/Neteller?  Yes.
Do online lotto sites accept CFA? Some. 

Online Lottery Laws in Mali

The Penal Code of Mali comprises the base of Mali’s legislation regarding gambling. As it is widely considered that it prohibits gambling in the country, there are neither land-based nor online lottery sites in Mali, as of November 2019. Violations of this prohibition are punishable by law. Thus, Article 187 of the Penal Code of Mali claims that those who illegally install on the street devices, distributors of money or consumer tokens and generally all devices whose functioning is based on chance and which are intended to provide a gain or consumption with a stake will be punished by imprisonment of not less than six months and not more than two years fines of 50,000 to 500,000 francs. Article 188 additionally claims that those who will engage in all kinds of games of chance unauthorized by law in the territory of the Republic of Mali will be punished by six months to two years of imprisonment and/or a fine of 50,000 to 200000 francs. However, due to the fact that there is a considerable number of expats in the country, there is a big demand for lotto games, and especially online lottery sites. An important indicator for this demand are the reports of internationally renowned online lotto sites, which claim that many users from Mali, using various online lotto bonuses, do play their games, beside the illegality in the country.

Online Lottery Payment Methods in Mali

The leading online lottery sites want to offer an efficient, yet safe service. This also implies that they guarantee for the payment methods they support on their websites. Among the methods they usually support are the mainstream ways which include usage of VISA and MasterCard. However, gamblers can also choose alternatives for deposits and withdrawals. These include Skrill, Neteller, PaySafeCard or PayPal. For a review of the trustworthy site, please visit our online lotto reviews directory.

Online Lottery Sites Accepting CFA 

There are no online lotto sites which accept players from Mali and allow making deposits in CFA. Most online lottery sites that do accept payers from Mali count as online lottery sites accepting EUR or USD. What you should know in this regard is that in case you make a deposit at an online lotto site which does not support your domestic currency, that site will make a currency conversion on your behalf, in some cases for free, in others for a small exchange fee.

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