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Online Daily Fantasy Sports in Martinique
Martinique makes up a very small percentage of the online sports betting market (0.01% by some estimates) and there are no sports betting websites within the country. Because of this, many people have dismissed the possibility of DFS becoming popular here. It remains to be seen if there is a market for internet daily fantasy sports in Martinique, and as more DFS websites begin operating here the answer will become clearer.

As of June 2016, all of the online daily fantasy sports sites in Martinique are unregulated. The legality of DFS contests here is somewhat confusing, and no official ruling has yet been made. Despite this, there are still a number of DFS websites that players here can access, many of which are available in French.

If the legal situation becomes clearer, there is a big possibility for daily fantasy sports to become popular in Martinique. This small island has many passionate sport fans, particularly for water sports. Tourism is a massive part of this country’s economy, and as a result many international sporting events have become popular here.

Many of the DFS sites available for Martiniquais players offer daily fantasy contests for a wide range of sports including daily fantasy football, daily fantasy cricket, and even daily fantasy surfing.

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