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Gambling in Martinique


The Caribbean island of Martinique is an overseas territory belonging to France, and is a part of the EU. Its citizens are French with full political and legal rights, however, when it comes to the gambling scene, Martinique sees quite a few differences from mainland France.

Gambling is legal in Martinique, where the majority of its gambling activities lie in casino gaming and pari-mutual betting. There is no national lottery on the island, and there is a legal minimum age of 18 for gambling.

Sports betting is a popular past-time in Martinique, which mostly manifests in the form of horse racing, but there are also some unconventional betting trends like cock-fighting and snake-mongoose fighting.

Online Gambling in Martinique

Online gambling in Martinique is a complicated issue. There are no sites based in Martinique, and many of the popular online gambling sites have placed restrictions against players from Martinique.

However, there are a few online gambling sites that accept players from Martinique to participate in gaming, often the same sites that cater to French players, however it’s worth checking the small print to see if players from Martinique are accepted.

The national language of Martinique is French, and there are plenty of online gambling sites that are available in French.