Online Casinos in Monaco - April 2024

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Online Casinos in Monaco

Monaco is one of the most famous gambling destinations in the world. In the 19th Century, financial reasons led the House of Grimaldi to consider opening a casino, in order to raise funds and avoid bankruptcy. The Monte Carlo Casino opened in 1863, under the rule of Prince Charles III and it soon became one of the most popular gambling houses, reaching an iconic status in pop culture. The casino has often been associated with the fictional spy James Bond. Now, there are four land-based casinos in Monaco, but players can also access online casino sites in Monaco
Are online casinos legal in Monaco? No.
Are casino sites in Monaco trustworthy? Yes.
Can I deposit via PaySafeCard/Neteller/Skrill?  Yes.
Do online casino sites accept EUR? Yes. 

Online Casino Laws in Monaco

According to the Law No. 1.103 on games of chance (Gaming Law), casinos can only be operated under a license granted by the public authorities. Article 350 of the Penal Code states that the penalties for unauthorized gambling organizations can be one to six months in prison or a fine from EUR 2,250 to EUR 9,000. As of August 2019, the market is a monopoly by the Société des Bains de Mers (SBM) that owns every casino in the principality.  However, the Monégasque casino laws are limited to land-based operations and there are no licenses issued to online operators. And although online casino news sites in Monaco report that attempts have been made to extend the scope of the regulation to online gambling, the bill remained a draft. But while locals are not allowed to gamble in brick and mortar gambling houses, the lack of regulation regarding online casino sites enables them to access offshore platforms. On these, they are usually offered a wider variety of games and better opportunities, such as Monacoian online casino bonuses and online casino promotions in Monaco

Online Casino Payment Methods in Monaco

In order to keep competing in the market, operators must make sure that every money transaction is transparent and legitimate. In this way, the credit and debit cards of VISA and MasterCard are usually accepted. But there are also alternatives that are as efficient and safe. These include Skrill, Neteller, PayPal or PaySafeCard. More information is available on the online casino reviews directory in Monaco

Online Casino Sites Accepting EUR

Despite the fact that there are no domestic platforms, Monaco shares its currencies with many other European countries. As a result, it is possible to find several online casino sites accepting EUR, which allows gamblers to be exempt from conversion fees.

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