Nets v Celtics Game 3 Predictions in Favor of Brooklyn


Posted: April 22, 2022

Updated: April 22, 2022

Boston's defense froze the Nets in the second half as Kyrie and KD struggled to find their target. Once the Celtics took the lead for the first time in the 4th quarter, they didn't look back at all. Despite their abysmal performance in the second half, Game 3 predictions still favor Brooklyn in the Nets v Celtics. Check out our predictions and the best odds for the upcoming game in Barclays Center.

Nets v Celtics Game 3 Predictions

Brooklyn started strong in the first half as they outscored Boston in both quarters. The real trouble came during the 4th when the Celtics erased a 17-point deficit. What’s even more impressive is that the lead only changed once during the game. After Boston’s late rally, the game was over. The defense got the better of both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The superstar duo combined for 1-17 in the second half. To make things even worse for the Nets, the Celtics went on a 23-4 run in the 4th quarter. On a side note, Kyrie’s lovely Bostonian fans might have had something to do with his bad performance too. The Celtics shot 64.7% compared to Brooklyn’s 26.3% in the 4th. Jaylen Brown’s 10 points are regarded as one of the main reasons for the home win. Despite their performance, the Nets v Celtics Game 3 predictions favor Brooklyn.

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The Nets roster has a lot of players with playoff experience. True, they’re down 2-0 but they don’t look as lost as some other teams currently in the playoffs. Games 3 and 4 will be in Brooklyn on April 23 and 25. The Nets lost both of their regular-season home games against the Celtics this year. It’s difficult to make clear predictions because the Nets squad has been all over the place this season. KD’s injury, Kyrie’s restrictions, Harden’s trading, and the list go on. However, Brooklyn won all three of their April home games this season. If Boston continues to play as a team with as much heart as they did in Game 2, they could close this out early. But when 27 points are considered bad for KD, things could turn sour for the Celtics in Barclays. Let’s look at some odds for Game 3 of Nets v Celtics.

The best betting odds for Nets v Celtics Game 3

Brooklyn Nets Boston Celtics
-165 +145 Bet on Bet Online
-165 +140 Bet on Bovada


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