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The Mavericks v Suns Game 3 Predictions Favor Luka and Co.

Luka might be the best player in the series but his team is struggling against the Suns. CP3 also continues to prove why he's one of the best of all-time. Dallas simply seems outmatched in every category. With that being said, check out our predictions for Game 3 of Mavericks v Suns and find out why the tables might be turning. If not, this series is over.

Mavericks v Suns Game 3 predictions

A blowout win on Wednesday night put the Suns up two as they now head to Dallas. Chris Paul showed once again why he’s one of the greatest to ever play this game. The veteran guard shot 85.7% during his 14-point 4th quarter. The Suns’ 40-point performance deserves praise as well because the whole team was incredibly efficient when it mattered the most. Altogether, they shot 84.2% from the field, including 75% from the 3-point line. This was the Suns’ 11th consecutive victory over the Mavs. Dallas might be down by two but their spirits are still high as they felt optimistic about playing on their home court. However, Luka cannot carry the team into the next round. Just like head coach Jason Kidd said, they can’t win just by Doncic scoring 30+ every game. But let’s look at the Game 3 predictions of Mavericks v Suns.

In a word, there haven’t been any injuries in the first two games. Tim Hardaway Jr. and Dario Saric remain the only players on the injury list, both of them unlikely to return during the playoffs. When looking at odds, this is the first time that the Mavs are favored over the Suns, but only by a hair. Dallas needs to start shooting the ball better. In the first game, they struggled in the first half, and during Game 2 they struggled in the second half. Jalen Brunson needs to find his rhythm again before it’s too late. If the Suns take Game 3 too, the fate of this series will most likely be sealed. Dinwiddie and Bullock will also be key players. Keep pressuring Ayton and focus on the All-Star guards of Phoenix. In our Game 3 predictions of Mavericks v Suns, we’re backing Dallas although it will be a close one.

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