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Mobile casinos in Saudi Arabia

Of course, mobile casinos do not exist in Saudi Arabia. Strict Islamic law prevents the wagering of money, so Saudi’s find other means to wile away their time.

Even so, should gambling somehow become legal in this religious country, it would find a place perfect for mobile gambling. With a mobile penetration rate of 181.6% in 2012, there is plenty of mobile coverage.

The top mobile operators are STC (19.9 Million subscribers), Mobily (15.1 Million), Zain (6.5 Million), and Bravo (200,000). However, 5 new operators have applied for licenses in 2013: Axiom Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Lebara, FastNet, and Safari.

Smartphone penetration is at a massive 72.8%, meaning it has the 3rd highest penetration in the world.