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Lottery in Singapore

The only lottery provider in Singapore is the Singapore Pools. It offers two types of lottery games on the market one being the 4-D and the other the very popular 6/45 Lottery.The history of the Lottery in Singapore falls into two periods. Until 1996,the 4-D game was administered by the Singapore Turf Club,the institution that introduced the game for first time in Singapore.In this initial draw they offered SUSD2,000 prize for the lottery winner.

The activities of the Singapore Turf Club stopped however in May 2004 when Singapore Pools, a sister company,was assigned as responsible for all the draws concerning the 4-Dlottery game.The 4-D is played by choosing a number from 0000 to 9999. On the drawings 23 winning numbers are being chosen and if one matches one of the numbers then there is a lottery winner. In Singapore, 4-D draws are conducted every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, at the same time as the Malaysian 4-D draws.


Online Lotto in Singapore

As it is the case with Malaysia, whose lotto industry is closely connected to the Singaporean lottery, there are no online lottery in Singapore. There is the possibility to receive the results from the 4-D draws on mobile applications, but no option to buy lottery tickets online.

According to many involved in the lottery sector in the country, the current clime in the lotto industry is however changing. They claim further that it won’t be long when the lottery providers in Singapore will also try to accommodate their offers to the online lottery games. But until the present time, that is just a project for the future of the Lottery in Singapore.