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Gambling in Somalia

All forms of gambling are illegal in Somalia. The majority of the country is Muslim, and therefore is forbidden to gamble under Islamic Law. As of July 2016, there are no legal gambling establishments inside the country. A number of small, illegal establishments likely exist here, but penalties for getting caught gambling in these can be severe.

There are no casinos inside Somalia. As a result, there is no legal place to play casino games here such as poker or blackjack. Sports betting is also illegal in Somalia, and no land-based sportsbooks are operating from within the country. Somalia does not run a national lottery.

Online Gambling in Somalia

Somalia has one of the lowest internet penetrations in the world at just 1.5%. This, in combination with the fact that all forms of gambling here are illegal, makes internet gambling in Somalia virtually non-existent.

There are currently no online casinos, online sportsbooks, or online lottery websites operating from within Somalia. The only option to gamble online in Somalia is through a foreign website that accepts Somali players.

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