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Gambling in Sint Maarten

Sint  Maarten is a constitutional country in the Netherlands and is located on the southern half of the Caribbean island of St. Martin, where the northern half is a French Overseas Collectivity. The island itself used to be a part of the Netherlands Antilles, which split up back in 2010.

Casino gambling is big in Sint Maarten, with a total of 13 casinos and 5 cities with gambling facilities. It’s a big tourist destination for those looking for a casino in the sun. It has many casinos scattered about the island, with its more important establishments being located in luxury hotels.

Gambling is wildly popular in Sint Maarten, and many illegal gambling venues popped up about the island. In 2007, the government began a crackdown on illegal gambling on Sint Maarten. Now it has 13 official casinos, the many of which offer poker games, and there are also sportsbook facilities available as well.

Online Gambling in Sint Maarten

When the Netherlands Antilles existed, it was the hub of the online gambling community, with a plethora of online casinos being run from Curacao. However, since the Netherlands Antilles split up into autonomous islands in 2010, Sint Maarten broke away.

There are no online casinos with a base in Sint Maarten, and while previous law stated that while the Netherlands Antilles were licensed to run online gambling sites from Curacao, players in the region were banned from playing. There are still Curacao-based online casinos that still have restrictions on players from the “Netherlands Antilles”, however there are many now that allow players from Sint Maarten to play.

In fact, there are 113 online gambling jurisdictions that accept players from Sint Maarten, including a number of sites based in Curacao.