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Casinos in Switzerland

There are 20 large-scale casinos in Switzerland. While most countries in Europe also have dozens, even hundreds of small gambling halls, these are not so frequent in Switzerland. One big reason for this is that large casinos fall into a different tax category than small casinos, which means small casinos (or gambling halls) pay much higher taxes. In some cantons players must be 18 years old to enter, while in other regions the legal age is 20. Casinos can stay open until 3-4am. Swiss brick-and-mortar casinos offer a wide selection of the usual games.

The largest casino in Switzerland has been Casino Zurich since 2012. Operated by Swiss Casinos, the venue is the only casino in the city of Zurich. It opened with a selection of 26 tables and around 400 slots.

Online Casinos in Switzerland

There are no internet casinos in Switzerland. The Swiss government has actually prohibited all internet gambling in the country, but the rules are not strictly enforced, therefore Swiss players do gamble on the internet, using foreign sites.

The government has been working on a proposal to regulate online gambling and issue licenses, but this is unlikely to bring quick results. Casino Zurich, the country’s largest land based establishment has launched a free online casino, where players can earn real life comps. Once online gambling is authorized the site can be turned into a true internet casino.