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Gambling in Venezuela

Venezuela offers limited gambling to its citizens. Casinos are legal, but there are just a few of them in the whole country. Casino games such as poker and slots are usually not allowed outside of casinos in Venezuela.

The country has also been host to a few poker tournaments, but these always take place in casinos. Even sports gambling in Venezuela needs to be confined to casinos for it to operate legally. The country offers a national lottery, and there are several bingo halls around, especially in areas that cater heavily to tourists.

Online Gambling in Venezuela

There are a few online gambling websites in Venezuela.

The national lottery offers limited gambling services online, and the Venezuelan government has also given out two licenses to local casino companies allowing them to offer online casinos from within Venezuela. These are hosted not on the mainland, but out of the Venezuelan possession of Margarita Island, and they cater to English-speaking players offshore rather than to Venezuelan players.

Recently, a third Venezuelan gambling site has opened, but it is actually hosted in the Netherlands Antilles, and caters to Venezuelan players. Anyone looking for more internet gambling in Venezuela can simply use any one of hundreds of foreign online gambling websites which are happy to accept Venezuelan players.