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Sports Betting in Venezuela

Many kinds of sports are popular in Venezuela, though football is probably the most popular game in the country. Sports betting is also popular, but the laws regarding sportsbooks in Venezuela are quite restrictive.

The only legal sports betting in the country happens inside casinos. Because there are only 5 casinos in the entire country, that does not give players very many places to bet on sports. Because of this restriction, there are a lot of underground sportsbooks in Venezuela.

While these illegal betting shops might offer better odds than those offered by casinos, they are not safe places to play at, because players get no protection against non-payment or lost deposits.

Online Sports Betting in Venezuela

There are no sportsbook websites actually hosted in Venezuela, but there are dozens online, coming from other countries around the world where online gambling is legal.

While most of these foreign internet betting sites will only offer their services in English, there are several good Spanish-language sportsbooks on the internet as well. These foreign online sportsbook services will offer a huge variety of fixed-odds bets on wide range of local and global matches and events.